Kadesh Barnea- the Evidence

Ron Wyatt found a site in the Negev he believed is Kadesh Barnea of the Exodus account. The evidence is startling- in this extremely dry desert area, there is evidence of a massive flow of water over the rock here. The evidence shows that it was not from temporary flooding which can occur in this … Read more

The Cave of Machpelah, Part 2: the Evidence

In 1979, Ron Wyatt learned about some strange events that occurred at a friend’s home in Hebron, Israel. He was working in Jerusalem and didn’t want to stop work to go and investigate. When he finally went and talked with the family that lived there, what he learned gave him cause to believe something very … Read more

The Cave of Machpelah Part 1

Ron Wyatt believed the traditional Cave of Machpelah was not the true site of the cave Abraham purchased in Hebron to bury his family. He had a strange series of events happen which led him to another site in Hebron that he believed was the actual burial cave of Abraham. However, he was never able … Read more

Danny & Ronnie Wyatt- accused of being Israeli Spies

In 1984, Danny & Ronnie Wyatt entered Saudi Arabia illegally with their father, Ron Wyatt. Ron was wanting to dive for chariot parts in the Red Sea on the Saudi side and then search for the real Mount Sinai. Unknown to them, a “friend” who knew of this plan, called the Saudi Embassy in Washington … Read more

How the Pyramids Were Built

Space aliens did not build the pyramids! And it may not have been the Egyptians’ idea, either. Could it be that the most revered architecture in human history came from the mind of a Hebrew slave? Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee presents a biblical foundation for these legendary structures.

Jim Pinkoski on Ron Wyatt’s discoveries

Jim Pinkoski illustrated several books on biblical beliefs and they happen to agree with the beliefs of the late Ron Wyatt that Jim worked with. Jim’s website is Pinkoski.com. Jim visited Ark Discovery Studio to film three videos.

Ron Wyatt discusses Sodom and Gomorrah Discovery

In 1999, when Ron learned that his cancer had spread and the doctors could do nothing else for him, he sat down and did some interviews at home, discussing his various discoveries. In this video, he discussed his discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah, how he came to believe these were the cities of the plain … Read more