Mary Nell Wyatt Lee tells how she met Ron

I want our viewers to get to know me as well as Ron’s children. I was married to Ron Wyatt and worked with him until he passed away in August of 1999. Before he died, he told me what he wanted me to do after he was gone. We are attempting to do that now- … Read more

Noah’s Ark Resistivity Scans, Part 2

Noah’s ark resistivity scans finally allow us to see the shape of the ark and that it extends another 40-plus feet into the earth! After the scans were completed in 2014, another several years worth of work was required to get software that could handle the massive amount of data and render 3 dimensional files. … Read more

Noah’s Ark Resistivity Scans, Part 1

In 2014, resistivity scans were done on Noah’s Ark by John Larsen of New Zealand, assisted by Randall Lee of Tennessee. This was the first real research done since the work by Ron Wyatt in the 80’s which led to it’s acceptance by Turkey as Noah’s Ark. In this part 1, Mary Nell Wyatt Lee … Read more

Tim Mahoney interview with Mary Nell Wyatt

Movie maker Tim Mahoney, creator of “Patterns of Evidence” interviewed Mary Nell (Wyatt) Lee discussing Ron Wyatt and his Ark of the Covenant excavation, and then Ron Wyatt discusses the Scriptures that prophesy about the Ark of the Covenant and that Jesus’ Blood flowed onto the Mercy Seat.

Kidnapped- Ron Wyatt on his 1991 kidnapping

In August 1991, Ron and his associates were kidnapped in eastern Turkey while killing time, waiting to pick up an excavation permit for Noah’s Ark. They were held for 21 days and it was a terrible experience for all affected. When he returned home, Ron sat down and had me (his wife) record him telling … Read more