Drone Journey to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Travel from the Red Sea to the TRUE mountain of God- Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, discovered by Ron Wyatt. This is a breathtaking journey, accompanied by the magnificent music of Kirk and Deby Dearman ( http/www.cometothequiet.com ) who graciously gave us permission to use their music. A “ronwyatt.com” exclusive!

Dr. Lennart Moller on the Exodus

https://youtu.be/6qbFOApTjtc Lennart Moller was interviewed about his research on the Exodus crossing site and his visit to Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia.

Discoveries of Ron Wyatt

The Greatest Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of All Time. Based on the Research and Field Work of Ron Wyatt. Noah’s Ark Sodom & Gomorrah The Red Sea Crossing Site Mount Sinai The Ark of the Covenant.

The Real Mount Sinai


In 1978, when Ron found the chariot parts in the Gulf of Aqaba just off the Egyptian shore, he knew that Mt. Sinai had to be on the opposite shore. Since the Biblical account tells how the people arrived at Mt. Sinai after they crossed the Red Sea, and since the Gulf of Aqaba separates … Read more