Forbidden Secret E-book


Forbidden Secret E-book Forbidden

The Forbidden Secret: How To Survive What The Elite Have Planned For You

Yes, our world is in a monstrous Mess: - fear, violence, corruption - faked scientific data, religious hypocrisy, secular despair - evil at the highest levels, permeating every facet of our daily lives Why Are Innocent People Suffering? Why is there so much injustice? What can we do? Planet Hijacked: A murderous mob have seized control. They have chilling plans for you and your family. But a powerful figure is set to smash their agenda. Meanwhile, simple steps will guarantee your survival. The Rescue program: Some are already pre-tasting its benefits and will survive. But because it threatens the covetousness, corruption and careers of an elite, they have deceitfully manipulated every aspect of our society - mentally conditioning us to doubt, ignore or reject this survival strategy. Hence, most are unaware. Actionable Benefits: This is about your most precious possession - your life. . . ; Its purpose ; Where you came from ; How to enjoy a fuller, happier life now ; How to survive the coming crisis ; How to live long enough to achieve all your dreams. . . then more Inside: $100,000 to disprove the thesis of this book

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