Amazing evidence for the Red Sea Crossing

Many people consider the red sea crossing a myth, or they make it so small as to be a natural phenomenon. This video shows there is a lot of evidence to show this was an actual even, and you can absolutely trust the bible.

Discoveries of Ron Wyatt

The Greatest Biblical Archaeology Discoveries of All Time. Based on the Research and Field Work of Ron Wyatt. Noah’s Ark Sodom & Gomorrah The Red Sea Crossing Site Mount Sinai The Ark of the Covenant.

Video: The Red Sea Crossing

Ron Wyatt shows you the very spot where Moses and the Children of Israel crossed the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba fleeing Pharaoh’s army. He leads you to the very blackened peak of Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia! PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 … Read more

December 1998 Dive Trip by Bill Fry

In December of 1998 I along with 8 other people including Ron Wyatt traveled to Nuweiba, Egypt on the Gulf of Aqaba to spend two days diving at the location where Moses and the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea on dry land. Most of the group had dived at this spot at least … Read more