October 2010 Update

1 – Recent trip to Turkey, Egypt, Israel2 – New DVD release – The real location of the Ark of the Covenant3 – New testing methods –   4 – 2011 tour schedule5 – It May Be Time… Report from the field I spent about 10 days in Turkey recently with some of our research team.  … Read more

June 2009 Newsletter

Recent trip to Turkey
I spent a few weeks in Turkey last month and will tell you more about the trip in coming weeks. I had the opportunity to check out firsthand some areas that had never been visited by any outsiders, (at least this is what I was told).  This was an area with the only access from the old silk road.   About a 45 minute walk from the original Ark landing site, northwest past Uzengali, right on the Turkish/Iranian boarder is an area that would have been ideal as a post-flood settlement.

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Spring 2009 Newsletter

Your questions answered
Directors corner
Sept. 09 tour details
Spring special
Continue your fast

Your questions answered
One of the questions that has been thought of by many and even addressed on numerous documentaries is: Does the Ark of the Covenant possess some kind of powerful electrical/energy charge that prevents anyone from touching it?

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February 2009 Update

Ark of the Covenant Book now available in Electronic Format! As you check out the shopping cart on the web site, allow me to draw your attention to a new e-book download.  The Ark of the Covenant book from Jonathan Gray is now available.  This will be a great asset as you study about this incredible … Read more

Year end thoughts

We have come to the end of another exciting year and the staff at Anchor Stone International would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have accomplished many things this past year, most of all God is continuing to open opportunities for greater validation of the … Read more

The Exodus and Mount Sinai Downloads

In an effort to answer much of the unjustified criticism against the Discoveries, Jonathan Gray published his book , "Questions Answered". For the last few months we have made available downloads from the shopping cart of Jonathan’s book. Now all of the subjects covered in Jonathan’s book are available. Thanks to ASI board member Dennis … Read more

Noah’s First Settlement at Naxuan

DSCF0621For a number of years now we have been wanting to explore the area above the final resting place of the Ark.  Back around 1998 Professor Michelson with his organization, SEPDAC, took a team into this area.  Since it is so close to the Iranian boarder, a military escort is normal protocol, so it’s usually off limits. 

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October Update

Project Re-Board Update! What a wonderful and blessed fellowship we experienced with our friends from New Zealand, this past weekend. These are the folks that introduced us to the idea of building a full scale model of Noah’s Ark, that we have been calling PROJECT RE-BOARD. Over the last year we have been brainstorming, coming … Read more