Ark of the Covenant Update – January 6, 2000

For a number of years the discovery of Jesus’ blood on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant has been discussed. While that point, in and of itself is controversial, the issue of Christ’s blood and its makeup has been another issue of controversy. We recognize that this controversy cannot be put completely … Read more

Christ’s Blood on the Mercy Seat: What Does it Mean?

Shortly after the death of Ron Wyatt a few friends and I entered into a study in regard to the Ark of the Covenant. This study was initiated in response to the criticism that Ron’s finding of the blood of Jesus Christ on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant was not Biblical. … Read more

In Memory of Ron Wyatt

1933 – 1999On Wednesday, August 4, 1999 Ronald Eldon Wyatt went to sleep in the Lord after a remarkable life of 66 years in which he was credited with making some of the most incredible Biblical archaeology discoveries in the world.

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Update: Ark of the Covenant – March 28, 1999

Because a number of questions have been raised recently, we are making available material that previously has been withheld. The following material and the facts that they support and corroborate are now in the public domain and their release no longer represents a breach of any previous agreement. This information has been posted with the permission of Wyatt Archaeological Research.

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Update: Ark of the Covenant – October 5, 1998

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In 1978 Ron Wyatt was walking along the Calvary Escarpment when something happened to him that so far only occurred once in his life. While walking with a member of the Israeli Department of Antiquities his left arm raised up and pointed to the escarpment and the words came out of his mouth, “That’s Jeremiah’s … Read more

Sodom & Gomorrah: Update

A number of things have changed in regards to our knowledge of the ashen remains of Sodom & Gomorrah since our newsletter and video on the subject were released. Below is an update based on some recent exploration by a friend of this ministry.

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Mount Sinai

For many years, the subject of “Mt. Sinai”- (Jebel el Lawz in NW Saudi Arabia) has been one of utmost concern for Ron. It has been perhaps the greatest frustration he has ever faced, knowing what was there but being unable to get the documentation. In 1984, he and his sons were imprisoned after entering … Read more