Message from Anchor Stone’s Founder

bill02Welcome to the Anchor Stone web site which features the extraordinary work of God through a man who dedicated more than 20 years of his life to the work of finding archaeological evidence that illustrates the accuracy of the Bible.

The Anchor Stone theme is representative of the fact that like Jesus Christ, our Rock and our Anchor, God has given to this last generation signs and wonders of his abiding love that He has preserved until this time in human history; signs that attest to the fact that God in His love for man has intervened in human history in such a manner as to leave all without excuse of accepting His unfathomable love.

Anciently, ships used stone anchors tied to the ship to stabilize them in rough waters. One of Ron Wyatt’s first finds when he investigated the site he believes to be Noah’s Ark’s resting place were numerous massive anchor stones that appeared to have been used in this manner. And so today, we believe these discoveries of archaeological evidence relating to Bible events are “anchor stones” that stabilize our faith in God’s Word.

I knew Ron Wyatt for over eight years and spent a number of those years investigating his claims. Through reading the material contained in this web site, visiting most of the sites that Ron discovered , and the privilege of privately viewing much of the evidence found, I can state categorically that these things are real. For this reason I have taken it upon myself, with the assistance of the Lord and those that He has given to help me, to provide these evidences a public prominence on the Internet so that God can be glorified through it and people can be blessed by it. Without His work of preserving these evidences and leading Ron to them, none of this would be possible. Praise God!

I also want to thank the Web Master for this site, Rose Bowen of Global Exposures, for her tireless efforts on my behalf. Without her creative ideas and hard work this web site would not be a reality.

As you browse through the following pages of text and graphics, please do so prayerfully and consider what a wonderful God we serve.

Bill Fry
Anchor Stone International

2 thoughts on “Message from Anchor Stone’s Founder”

  1. Praise Yeshua!
    Greetings in the matchless name of Yeshua!
    I am so overwhelmed and amazed to have known the amazing discoveries of Ron Wyatt. I am also convinced that God has a purpose ,for not ,letting this be known to the world at large becoz of His fore knowledge that many wont believe.
    But I believe that this is a tetament of our God and He will make it open whatever is hidden in the few years from now.
    I am blessed by the article.
    thank you in heaven to Pas Ron and God bless ur ministry.

    In Christ,

  2. Waaah Am TOTALY AMAZED n Touched more enlightened by SUCH FINDINGS N DISCOVERIES.Surelt God knows the end of a thing even before the starting of it. How it went that the ARK OF COVENANT was hidden under a cave at CALVARY THE SAME PLACE LORD JESUS was CRUCIFIED is so deep na mystery. Ithank GOD FOR HIS SERVANTS ARCHAEOLOGIST RON WATT. Thanks so much will continue to follow n dig to know more. This ARTICLE SO POWERFUL N PROFITABLE TO GENERATION TO COME N THE WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST THE CHURCH.


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