A Response to Holy Relics, Chapter 21

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God’s Ark of the Testimony: It might be a bit of a stretch here, but since Moses was educated in Egypt, it makes sense that he would use the royal Egyptian cubit in his description of the Ark and Mercy Seat. There is a cubit stick in the museum at the Imhotep museum at Sakkara, … Read more

A Response to Holy Relics, Chapter 20

QAAoCAnyone following the Biblical Archeology scene would surely know the name Randall Price. He is President of World of the Bible Ministries, Inc., a Christian non-profit organization doing research in the biblical lands and educating the public on archaeological, biblical issues and the Middle East conflict through books, media, and conferences.

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A Response to Holy Relics, Chapter 19

spike_closeupHe who sits in the heavens shall laugh! These comments are based from chapter 19 of Holy Relics, From the Authors: quote, “Rev. John Woods noted, “I saw him [Ron Wyatt] explaining to a group that a piece of metal embedded in the face of the Garden Tomb was part of the seal Pilate had placed upon the tomb. In fact it was a piece of shrapnel from the [Arab-Israeli] war in 1967”.  (Randall Price, In Search of Temple Treasure, p.156, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene Oregon, 1994).  My response: AND WHERE IS THE REPORT??? Of course the authors are once again taking someone else’s word for things and not conducting their own research.

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A Response to Holy Relics, Chapter 18

head-in-sandChapter 18 – Of course that plane crash brought down the World Trade Center.

Having been to Israel several times and also throughout Turkey and the Middle East, I’ve had the firsthand experience of dealing with many folks who tell you what they think you want to hear, though it is not the truth. This is no doubt what the Authors experienced! Their collection of criticism was acquired not from the 4 hours of interviews they spent with Ron, (though they had 22 years of opportunity to ask questions), but from a host of discontented individuals with preconceived ideas and misinterpretation of Scriptures.

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A Response to Holy Relics, Chapter 17

JZ or RW, who’s telling the truth? For anyone not familiar with JZ, he is what I would call a contemporary Jew, with no focus or concern on Biblical issues, especially concerning Christ. The authors are quick to highlight JZ’s perspective as to Wyatt’s qualifications to excavate, plus the permits necessary for such; quote, “ … Read more

Response to Holy Relics, Chapter 16

Comments on Chapter 16 from Holy Relics – I hesitated to even comment on this. My first thought after reading chapter 16 was to skip completely any comments as if the chapter had never been included. It is one of the most absurd augments that could have been postulated, and reveals more fully the attitude … Read more

A Response to Holy Relics, 10-16

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aocposter smChapters 10-16   The next six chapters focus on the blood of Christ, the aspect of Wyatt’s research that is perhaps most controversial. The Authors do a more than adequate job in raising questions, and creating doubts concerning any account dealing with a unique type of human blood. Let me state right from the start that there are questions that, at this time cannot be answered. Perhaps the complexity of answers are not for us to know, but that God was using this scenario to accomplish something completely different than what we had ever considered before.

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