A Response to Holy Relics, 10-16

aocposter smChapters 10-16   The next six chapters focus on the blood of Christ, the aspect of Wyatt’s research that is perhaps most controversial. The Authors do a more than adequate job in raising questions, and creating doubts concerning any account dealing with a unique type of human blood. Let me state right from the start that there are questions that, at this time cannot be answered. Perhaps the complexity of answers are not for us to know, but that God was using this scenario to accomplish something completely different than what we had ever considered before.

Let’s begin where the Authors began, “the blood on the Mercy Seat”. From reading those six chapters it seems clear that trying to decipher who said what when, and then how much was actually what Wyatt said, or how it was interpreted by others, including Jonathan Gray, is a real challenge to understand. Let’s start with the testing of the supposed samples; My understanding hopefully will not add to the confusion, as Bill Fry and I did follow up at what we believed was the testing facility in Jerusalem around 2003. There was a particular gentleman in Jerusalem, that we knew worked with Wyatt, (we will not divulge his name as we do not want 10K people calling on him), that provided him with information regarding a testing facility.   We had come to Jerusalem with a letter from a Dr. Eugene Dunkley, who was as well interested in reviewing the test results. At the facility, which shall also remain anonymous for the same reasons, we were confronted with an eerie silence, Bill and I both noticed, from the non-verbal communication that no one dared to speak to us concerning the supposed testing.   You know how when you confront your kids about something they’ve done, and they give you that look. Guilty as charged, with not a word spoken. We knew someone there knew something, but nobody dared say a word. But as the Authors contend,” somebody would have surely said something”. I would be tempted to believe this also, had it not been for recent events in the U.S. I’m referring to the numerous public shootings that have made the headlines throughout the country, there is more than enough information that many of the suspected tragedies, were planned tactical unannounced drills, using crisis actors. The general public is completely unaware of what is actually taking place, then once the media gets involved, the perfect political message is inserted. Immediately the gun control agenda is once again mainstream.

If information such as what Wyatt had revealed, was substantiated by the local authorities, it would have destroyed Judaism, this goes beyond causing riots and unrest. Perhaps God knew that the best course was to allow the in-tell to leak slowly to the world community, lessening the direct impact on the Jewish people. But none-the-less the Jewish community was being confronted with the physical evidence that the virgin born Messiah had already come.  How fitting and merciful that God would display this info. Right in their own back yard.

As far as I am aware there were only 3 test conducted on the blood; one in Jerusalem, one in Germany and the last in the States. Ron had a blue looseleaf binder that contained several lab results; blood, sulfur balls, petrified wood etc. 8-9 altogether. These documents were verified just before one of Ron’s meetings at a full Gospels men’s business association meeting in the mid-west, by a document specialist flown in from California. These test were conducted over a coarse of years with most having been completed by 1990.

It was always Ron’s desire to take a technician to the site in Jerusalem for the sole purpose of collecting a sample, and testing it at an appointed lab, the idea was to video tape the whole process. However, for the specific reason mentioned above, the local authorities would never permit it. In this manner the IAA could always deny any knowledge, or involvement with the site. It wasn’t until just this year that the IAA released word in writing that Wyatt had been given permission to work at the Garden Tomb in the 80’s, some sources were reporting that Wyatt never had permission, this was as we knew an error.

Another of the issues raised by the Authors is what is called a carotene test. This is a testing of the chromosomes in the blood. One thing to point out here is that Wyatt would have never requested such a test, had it not been for the insistence of the angels that he met in the chamber. Ron was a health professional and he knew that blood is not viable outside the body for more than 3 weeks. On 2 occasions in the chamber Ron met individuals that could only have been angels, only one ever spoke, and it was this angel, as instructed by God that provided the motivation to request such a test. This is why when on his visit to the lab, he insisted on that specific test.   So, if we are to believe the story, than there was a very good reason for such a test whether we can understand it or not. How far would God go to win one soul? Could the testing have been for just the 3 lab techs?   Most all Christians would have no problem believing in a virgin birth, in fact like all the evidence, it’s not to replace faith, but provided as a tool in the finishing of the work. I believe there is much more to this blood evidence than we currently understand. In the book of Revelation for example, chapter 11 we find the story of the two witnesses. We know that these two represent the old and new testaments or the totality of God’s word. And we have traditionally placed the emphasis of that testimony during the French revelation, which was a fitting representation. But when, may I ask, would be the most urgent of moments in human history to have God’s word proclaimed? Notice that Jesus uses the personal pronoun, My in presenting His two witnesses. What would be a greater representation of the old and new testaments than, the law God written with his own finger, and the blood from His own side. These are the two physical elements of God that make up the everlasting Covenant with His people, both had to be involved at Calvary.

Instead of getting tongue tied in the garb of 10 cylinder words; “ The process is:Hemocytoblast » Myeloblast » Promyelocyte » Neutrophilic Myelocyte » Neutrophilic Band Cell » Neutrophils. The production of the various white blood cells and the blood platelets follows a similar course. By way of illustration we select the development of one of the white cells—the neutrophil. Other white cells, the eosinophils, basophils, monocytes, lymphocytes and plasma cells develop in a similar fashion. We choose the neutrophil because it is the most numerous and Russell possesses vivid memories of having, 40 year ago, to describe the maturation process of neutrophils in a 45-minute essay in his medical course”. This indeed is quite impressive, but sometimes we can also miss the simplicity of what is happening, under Golgotha it was a miracle.

I don’t believe any true Christian would deny that a miracle was taking place at Calvary. So why wouldn’t we expect things we cannot fully understand being present, such as blood that has apparently survived 2,000 years. When Christ gave up His life, He indeed died, much the same as anyone whose heart stops, breathing stops, brain activity etc. however, if the blood would be collected and tested for up to 3 weeks later, it could still be found to be viable. The person is dead but the blood is still viable. The most significant normal variable is temperature;

How long do frozen cord blood cells remain viable?

“It is not known how long cord blood can be stored in liquid nitrogen and its cells remain viable. NCBP’s earliest units were stored in 1993. In checking the viability of cells in cord blood units that will not be used for transplantation, we have not detected any deterioration in the quality of the cells in cord blood units stored for up to 16 years. Units stored for up to 13 years have been used in transplants and the outcomes have been similar to those of newly collected units. Thus, we are not aware of any reason to expect any significant deterioration in the quality of stored cord blood units.” I think if we can think of a way to preserve blood God can too!

The Authors seemed fixated on the aspect of Christ blood being different than normal blood. People today have various types of blood, some folks cannot use blood types from others, does that make them less human? I see no problem here, though Christ was fully human, (Heb 2), he was far from normal, name another person who has been virgin born? (That’s not normal!) How about being incarnate? Who is also 100% God? (That’s not normal).   Due to His unique birth, having no human father, his blood would certainly take on a unique quality. This made it no less effective in providing the physical qualities we consider normal, as well as being sufficient to satisfy the demands of God’s eternal Law when applied to the place of atonement, (Kapporeth), the Mercy Seat. The legal aspect of this is without opposition, there would be no resurrection unless the demands of the law were satisfied with Christ’s Hunan/Divine blood. The transgression was against an eternal law, as Adam transgressed God’s eternal law only one equal to this eternal law could make the atonement. Notice, the Divine Son of God was the only sacrifice of sufficient value to fully satisfy the claims of God’s perfect law, SOP 2:9-10(1877 ed.). The blood on the Mercy Seat, like the blood applied to the veil in the Sanctuary in the daily service, established a record, this would be the only guarantee that the sin would be eventually blotted out on the Day of Atonement. Christ blood had to accomplish the same.

Scripture records this in 1 Jn 5:10-11

This is the very action Paul is referring too in Ephesians 3, a love that is 4 dimensional, that is out of this world, ”that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith; that being rooted and grounded in love, we may be able to comprehend with all saints, what is the width, length, depth, and height; to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that we may be filled with all the fullness of God.” This is the fellowship of the mystery, hidden from the beginning of the ages, which God intends now to make known, the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus, our Lord. (Eph. 3:17-19 and 9-11). The eternal purpose was to forfeit His omnipresence for us, to be an eternal sacrifice. 1John 5 provides the details of how it happened, there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, water, and blood. This is the record that God gave of His Son and was established at the cross.

Truly what Ron was experiencing was recorded in the Psalms, chapter 25 verse 14 – “the secret of the lord is with those that fear Him, And He will show them His covenant”. Ron thus far is the only one to actually see the 2 real elements of God’s Covenant promise, the law (the express image from the throne of God) and the blood (Christ the express image of the Father)

God’s character transgressed-His character to atone, what an amazing plan!

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