How The Pyramids Were Built | Shabbat Night Live

Space aliens did not build the pyramids! And it may not have been the Egyptians’ idea, either. Could it be that the most revered architecture in human history came from the mind of a Hebrew slave? Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee presents a biblical foundation for these legendary structures.

Transhumanism, Giants, and Nephilim, Part 3

One mistake that folks make when considering this subject is ignoring the context. Actually, since there is so little commentary on this particular period of time, it would be beneficial to consider the chapters leading up to chapter 6. We must take them into consideration to understand the correct context of chapter six. In reality … Read more

The Last Interview

This is a transcript of an audio interview Bill Fry did with Ron Wyatt a week or so before he passed away with cancer. Bill asked him about his experience with the ark of the covenant. Bill Fry: okay, the recorder’s on right now, so you can go ahead and just just basically tell me … Read more

Transhumanism, Giants, and Nephilim, Part 2

After the creation of our world God expressed His delight when exclaiming that, everything He had made was “very good” (Gen. 1:31). The Hebrew words say it best: mᵉʼôd  ṭôwb – exceedingly good in every sense. What we must realize is that God’s “very good” pronouncement was made concerning a super-sized creation compared to today’s … Read more

Transhumanism, Giants, and Nephilim

Part One At least once in every generation, the concept of a superhuman race is presented to the public. It seems that human beings are fascinated with the novelty of humans with immortality or supernatural abilities. You can find this theme in almost every religion throughout history. Remember the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses … Read more

Discovered: Noah’s Ark Revised!

Noah’s Ark has been found! Turkish scientists and authorities at the highest level of government met in 1986 and reviewed the extensive research done by American explorers, headed by Ron Wyatt of Madison, Tennessee.