What NatGeo Left Out!

I recently received my finished edition from the company that produced the National Geographic documentary entitled, “The Truth Behind the Ark.” I know many have already seen the program aired during the past year on the Nat-Geo channel. The difference between what I was sent and what was aired on television reveals a great deal … Read more

The week that Elvis died, August 16, 1977!

It’s day three and time is running out. One more day left to find the boat-shaped object. The boys had had enough of walking around the countryside so Ron decided to let them stay at the hotel while he continued to look for the boat-shaped object. I always wondered what they did all day when … Read more

Who died first, Noah or his wife?

On the morning of day two, Ron and the boys returned to the second pile of rocks and began to walk perpendicular to the road. This pile wasn’t too far from the first and they soon found themselves in the same general area as the day before. They came to some walls of a very … Read more

Look Out! He’s Got a Shotgun!

Finally, after 17 years of waiting, Ron had enough money and vacation time to go to eastern Turkey and try to find the boat shaped object on his own. In 1975 Ron found out who went on the expedition in 1960 to the boat shaped object and contacted them. To their surprise Ron wanted to go to the site.

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Strange Light Over NOAH’S ARK Disappears!

Hassan, the caretaker of the “Noah’s Ark National Park” for the Turkish government, lives in the village of Uzengili (previously called “Nasar” but changed to üzengili after the ark was discovered. It is interesting that “Nisir” was the Babylonian name for Noah’s city). Hassan swears he is in his 40’s but if his story is true he must be in his 70’s.

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