An Earthquake Story

Noah's Ark with the limestone escarpment above it

I promised you an exciting story about a man who was an eyewitness to the earthquake in 1948 that exposed Noah’s Ark, which had been hidden and protected by God for almost two thousand years. So here we go! Until April or May of 1948, there was nothing to see of Noah’s Ark in the … Read more

Prophetic Significance of Discoveries

I have received a lot of questions concerning my last article about the discoveries and their relevance to biblical prophecy. It seems there is enough interest in that subject for me to deal with it in the present article. In the next article I will share with you the interview with an eye witness of … Read more

Anchor Stones New Feature, A Closer Look

"Quick honey! Duck down!" It was the first day of our trip to Noah’s Ark. The ground began to rumble and I was sure it was an earthquake. They have them regularly in this part of Turkey. SURROUNDED BY THE TURKISH ARMY! We looked out of the motel window and we could see Mount Ararat … Read more