An Earthquake Story

I promised you an exciting story about a man who was an eyewitness to the earthquake in 1948 that exposed Noah’s Ark, which had been hidden and protected by God for almost two thousand years. So here we go!

Until April or May of 1948, there was nothing to see of Noah’s Ark in the Tendurek Mountains. Only mud and grass covered the slopes of "Doomsday Mountain." (Seems like a good name doesn’t it?) The area is also known as "Mashur" which means "resurrection." Heavy rains in May of 1948, combined with three earthquakes, exposed the ark from the loose mud that had entrapped it for nearly two thousand years.

Noah's Ark with the limestone escarpment above it

Did you know that in Josephus’ time (1st-century A.D.) the Ark of Noah was well-known, because he mentions in Antiquities of the Jews, that people were still visiting Noah’s Ark and removing pieces of bitumen from it for amulets against evil spirits. Isn’t that amazing?


Higher up the slopes from the boat shaped object, and just under the great white limestone escarpment wall known as Ziyaret, which means "shrine," lie the ruined remains of an ancient lost-city. Could it be the lost city of Noah, called "Mesha" anciently, and known later as "Naxuan?" I believe it is!

This will give you goose bumps– In those ancient remains in the lost city of Noah is another impression just like the boat shaped object down below. I believe this was the original landing place of Noah’s Ark after the great flood and later, much later, it was knocked loose from this location and flowed down the mountain to its present position. Building foundations have been discovered. Nearly a thousand house foundations have been found. Mesha, Naxuan, Noah’s city has been found! Does that give you goose bumps? Well it does me! Foundation stones at the Naxuan city center, at an elevation of 7,400 feet above sea level. That is absolutely amazing!

That was a brief description of the incredible and intriguing area where our story takes place. Would you like to go there? Well you can. Next year in June, Anchor Stones International is sponsoring a tour to Noah’s Ark and the surrounding area. Please check our "TOURS" menu on the web site for more info. Tour information will be available soon.


Now back to our story. Hassan, the caretaker of the "Noah’s Ark National Park" for the Turkish government, lives in the village of Uzengili (previously called "Nasar" but changed to üzengili after the ark was discovered. – it is interesting that "Nisir" was the Babylonian name for Noah’s city). Hassan swears he is in his 40’s but if his story is true he must be in his 70’s.

He says that when the earthquake revealed the boat shaped object in 1948 something strange and terrifying happened. A light began to shine on the object. I asked him what it looked liked and he said it was in the shape of a helmet but there didn’t appear to be a source for the light. He said the villagers viewed that light as a sign from God that this was a sacred object.


Imagine that scene. God illuminating the ark as if to say, "Now is the time to make it known to the world." But how was it to be made known to the world? I asked Hassan, "When did the light stop shining on the ark?" Hassan gave an amazing and startling answer.

We will share that with you in our next article of "A Closer Look." You don’t want to miss it.

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