2018 Mt. Sinai Calendars Available

Brand new exclusive photos of the Exodus and real Mount Sinai in Arabia. Featuring professional photography and aerial video stills from drones of the different sites from the Exodus journey. Each month showcases a main photograph of a site on the Exodus route along with 5 additional thumbnail photos of that site and Scripture explaining … Read more

Ark Secret now in second printing

We are excited to announce that we’ve printed a second printing of The Ark Secret, concerning the mystery of the Ark of the Covenant and how it figures in biblical history. We hope soon to make a video series from the book to make the story and the principles it reveals more clear. The book … Read more

Just Arrived! Hot off the Press!

Our first book, The Ark Secret, is done and arrived today from the printer. This is so exciting! After months of writing, rewriting, and writing again… Hope you are blessed in the reading! Click here to order!

Hacksaw Ridge Promotion

For the remainder of this year, we will be including a free copy of Hacksaw Ridge, a book about the story of Desmond Doss that led to the movie about his heroism, with any print media or DVD ordered in our online store.