Story Behind “Battle for the Firstborn”

Did the Exodus really happen as described in the Bible? Secular and even many Biblical scholars say “no.” But one man, Ron Wyatt, an amateur archaeologist and avid student of the Scriptures, said “yes” He believed the Bible to be an accurate record of historical events and forms the basis through which physical evidence should be interpreted. Through the lens of Scripture, he discovered several Biblical sites which are today recognized as authentic by many experts and scholars.

This book, “Battle for the Firstborn“, documents Ron’s relentless quest for the truth concerning the Exodus and the discoveries he made which answered several questions such as:

• Who was the Biblical Joseph in ancient Egyptian history?

• Who was “pharaoh’s daughter” who rescued Moses?

• Who was the amazing person in ancient Egypt who fits the profile of Moses perfectly?

• Where is the location of the Red Sea crossing?

• Who was the Exodus pharaoh who drowned in the Red Sea?

• Was the firstborn son of the Exodus pharaoh whose life was taken by the “angel of death” really Tutankhamun, or “King Tut?”

• What happened in Egypt after the demise of its pharaoh and army in the Red Sea?

• Why did Ron and his sons spend 75 days in prison in Saudi Arabia, accused of being Israeli spies, after finding the real Mount Sinai?

• What amazing evidence was found at Jericho?

These and many other questions are answered in this fact filled book about Egyptian archaeology and the Biblical Exodus story. Many books have been written about these amazing events but none of them have been able to piece the two together until now! “Battle for the Firstborn” documents only some of the many discoveries God used Ron Wyatt to find, none of which Ron took personal credit for. Ron believed God preserved these findings for this time as we approach the end of all things as prophesied in the Scriptures.

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  1. It all makes sense! This king Tut got all sorts of attention as the world was shown his sarcophagus and jewels and such. How funny that even this would turn to bring glory to Yehovah as Tut is connected to the Exodus account!

    Thank you for putting this incredible information in book form and available to all. It s amazing how much Truth Yehovah is revealing in these last days. No doubt these are to strengthen believers to stand on the Truth of God’s Word.

    Yehovah bless you and your family for all your hard work. Ron was a true blessing to us all.


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