Strange Light Over NOAH’S ARK Disappears!

Hassan, the caretaker of the “Noah’s Ark National Park” for the Turkish government, lives in the village of Uzengili (previously called “Nasar” but changed to üzengili after the ark was discovered. It is interesting that “Nisir” was the Babylonian name for Noah’s city). Hassan swears he is in his 40’s but if his story is true he must be in his 70’s.

He says that when the earthquake revealed the boat shaped object in 1948 something strange and terrifying happened. A light began to shine on the object. I asked him what it looked liked and he said it was in the shape of a helmet but there didn’t appear to be a source for the light. He said the villagers viewed that light as a sign from God that this was a sacred object.


Imagine that scene. God illuminating the ark as if to say, “Now is the time to make it known to the world.” But how was it to be made known to the world? I asked Hassan, “When did the light stop shining on the ark?” Hassan gave an amazing and startling answer.


He said that the light quit shining over the ark when the Americans visited the site in 1960. What an intriguing answer. For 12 years the light would shine over the ark but when the site became known and was visited by those who could present the site to the world, the light quit shining.

How did the Americans find out about it?

It was a freezing cold night in Ankara, Turkey, when Captain Ilhan Duripinar entered the photogrammetry laboratory on the outskirts of the city to view the negatives. He had done this many times in the past but this time would be different and historic. Carefully he scanned the various sections of the negatives and then suddenly stopped. He rubbed his eyes and looked again. Yes, there it was! No mistake about it! There, at approximately 6,200 feet high in the Mountians of Ararat, his negatives disclosed the presence of a strange, boat-shaped object, seemingly caught in a lava mud flow.

View of the ark formation

This photo came from a NATO survey taken over the Ararat region the previous year. Captain Ilhan Duripinar had just made the discovery of the ages and launched a new scientific controversy that is still going on today. That was September 23, 1959. Captain Ilhan and his superiors were convinced that this was Noah’s Ark. Captain Ilhan was a Muslim but they too believe in the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark.


The news spread far and wide and reached America. A group of men from a variety of professions organized an expedition to go to the site. One of those going was Professor Arthur J. Brandenburger of Ohio State University, one of the world’s foremost experts in photogrammetry and aerial photography. Here is what he said when he first saw the negatives, “I have no doubt at all that this object is a ship. In my entire career I have never seen an object like this on a stereo photo…Even the approximate length of the object fits. Based on our measurements, it is about 150 meters, and that is also supposed to have been the length of the Biblical ark.”


Isn’t that amazing? The length of the object in the photograph was measured and came out to be exactly the same as that in the Bible(Genesis 6:15). Not one meter more or one meter less, but exactly 150 meters(300 cubits). I believe that Moses when he wrote the book of Genesis would have used the Egyptian cubit which was 20.6 inches which would have made the ark 515 feet long. This was later verified in the field to be the exact length of the object.

What a thrill that must have been back there in 1959. An American expedition was organized and went to the site in June of 1960. We will share that exciting story with you in our next article.

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