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  1. Norman Talsoe
    March 24, 2022 @ 10:30 pm

    I have been following Ron Wyatt and reading his story from the beginning. Almost nine years ago, I had the vision to write a book with the giving title GOD, the HERE, and the HEREAFTER. While I do not doubt that vision came from the LORD, there will be many naysayers saying such a thing is impossible. Nevertheless, the book will tell of miracles such as the shroud of Turin, Akiane Kamarik, who God taught to paint in her heavenly trips resulting in her painting Jesus Christ when only eight years old and titling her image the Prince of Peace. So, I sought permission to write Ron’s story, which he gave it almost nine years ago. My dream told me that Christ would come in our children’s lifetime.

    Again, the above is my request to use Ron’s material in my book. It is about to be published. I only have to make sure of my permissions


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