October 2010 Update

1 – Recent trip to Turkey, Egypt, Israel
2 – New DVD release – The real location of the Ark of the Covenant
3 – New testing methods –  
4 – 2011 tour schedule
5 – It May Be Time…

Report from the field

I spent about 10 days in Turkey recently with some of our research team.  Folks from Brazil, Norway, South Africa, and of course the States.  One of our team members purchased a core drilling machine and made arrangements to have it shipped to Turkey.  The unit was supposed to be available for use while we were there, but it was tied up in customs and we hope to use it at a later date at the site.  Some may remember that a few core samples were taken from the site years ago with limited results.  One problem was that the portable machine did not have the capacity to drill adequately through petrified timbers.  As the bit would hit something hard it would shear off to one side etc.  This new machine is much more capable and we should retrieve some nice 3″ samples.  Also, several cores will be taken from both the top as well as the sides.  Control cores will also be taken from off the remains, this will assist in establishing bedrock conditions for future anchor pillars for a covering of the site.


We were also able this past trip to run a frequency generator over the area we believe to be Noah’s post flood home site.  The results were interesting!  Many are aware that Mrs. Noah’s grave was illegally exhumed years ago and the sarcophagus was sent to Ankara to a mineral/mining museum.  The skeletal remains ended up in various places, hotel lobbies and such, with Ron and myself finding small finger bones near the site.  What makes these sites unique is the size of the remains.  Mrs. Noah’s sarcophagus was reported to be 18 feet in length!  As the museum will not display it, we currently do not have any pictures.  One of the things we would like to accomplish in the near future is to have our finger bone carbon-dated, and tested for any DNA.  If you could help with some expertise or donations, please let us know.   


Two of the team ventured on to Egypt and Israel.  We did this trip have the opportunity to get inside the Great Pyramid.  You see a picture of me standing next to the granite sarcophagus into the Kings chamber.  One of the main considerations this trip was to double check the type of stone used for the construction.  Since limestone, (and other materials), are a by-product of the flood, if the stones were limestone this would have dated the pyramids to a post-flood time period.  However, the stones were granite which allows for a much older construction believed to pre-date the flood. Just as there are many unique features outside, the inside is as well incredible.  The whole pyramid complex is amazing with the sphinx added (I believe) at a later date, or perhaps mortified by the Egyptians.


Our 7 days in Israel was thrilling as it was not only about the places we went, but the individuals we met and some exciting “divine appointments.” I’ll share more of that trip in our next update.


New DVD release 

Over the years of working with the Discoveries much criticism has come of the lack of evidence concerning the Ark of the Covenant. We can examine the remains of Noah’s Ark, collect the brimstone from Sodom & Gomorrah, pull coral encrusted samples from the Red Sea, even gaze through the fence at the golden calf altar in Saudi.  With the Ark of the Covenant we have at best just circumstantial evidence at this point.  I can understand the apprehension of folks in believing the accuracy of the find.  However, the  story is of grave significance and there is plenty of evidence if you know where to look.  Our new DVD takes a fresh look, a Biblical look-see at the real location of the Ark.  One of our most important messages ever.  You can order online from the store for a $10 donation, this would make a great gift for the holidays.


New testing methods

In the past paleontologists have utilized various hand tools in their endeavor to unearth fossils and artifacts.  Pick axes, drills, shovels, chisels, crowbars, brushes, even tool brushes are common at dig sites.  On occasion explosives are even employed to clear away top soil and debris.   Paleontologist have known for some time that the fossilization process enables the possibility of a greater degree of radioactivity in a specimen.  Warnings have even been issued to the scientific community in regards to the handling of fossils.  This information has prompted some researchers to begin using Geiger counters at a potential dig site. Initial experimentation with the use of a Geiger counter has been very promising.  There are certain modifications being utilized that enable a researcher to safely run the targeted tester receiver over a large grid section with astounding results.  The accuracy of the initial runs have been astounding for locating otherwise out of site finds.  


What makes this intriguing is that the remains of Noah’s Ark is as well fossilized.  Petrified wood is really a type of fossil and thus would be susceptible to such testing methods.  Could this be a way of checking, right in the field, any sample we suspect as being petrified wood?  One method geologist have used in the past to check for petrification is to check the hardness.  Since petrified wood is a 7 on the hardness scale it should scratch plate glass.  This is one of the test we employ at the ark site, with very often positive results.  However, there are other types of rock that also fall into this category, so the Geiger counter would be beneficial to distinguish from these.  Next trip out we plan to test a section with this new method, we’ll keep you posted.   


Also, the use of a black light on petrified samples could prove significant, more on this later.  Another testing method utilized this trip was the use of neodymium magnets.  These rare earth magnets are very strong and provided us with positive readings on petrified wood samples that even our metal detectors would not pick up.  There is no question the remains are full of iron, unlike the area just outside the hull.  We did not get any positive reading from the outcrop area that impales the hull.


2011 tour schedule

It’s not to early to be thinking about a trip to Eastern Turkey and the remains of God’s rescue ship.  We will plan to be there in September 2011. as this is a great time of the year to be there.  The weather is usually perfect and it is normally right after or during Ramadan, the Muslim fasting time.  Lots of fresh foods and hospitality.  The tour cost is 2,250.00US from Istanbul.  Let us know if you plan to come this year.  We will limit the group to 12,  larger groups will have a separate time slot.

It might be time to hit the road

We have for some time been considering traveling from state to state conducting seminars of “Discovery Presentations and the Genesis Revelation.”  This series of multi-media presentations integrate the discovery material into the foundational messages of Scripture.  However, to make this a practical venture we would need a motor home type vehicle for travel. We wondered if there might be someone out there who could donate such a vehicle for our use.  If you have an RV that you’re not using, consider making a tax deductible donation.   What better way to put those wheels to use? We would need to have something that would sleep at least 5.

God Bless Until Next Time,
Jerry Bowen, Director
Anchor Stone International

5 thoughts on “October 2010 Update”

  1. How was the sarcophagus of Noah’s wife stolen? Was this person an acquaintance of Wyatts? Will they not allow carbon dating testing of some sample of the remains? Exactly where is this museum located?

    • The gravesite was exhumed by local Turkish people under the presumed direction of a government official. They were really only interested in the jewelry in the sarcophagus, and had no interest in documenting their illegal actions. The sarcophagus is not on display but we are told it’s in a museum in Ankara.

  2. Why hasn’t any other archeological digs near or on the Wyatts Covenant find occurred? Was his fundings cataloged and are awaiting the Sunday law to be shown to world.


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