June 2009 Newsletter

Recent trip to Turkey
I spent a few weeks in Turkey last month and will tell you more about the trip in coming weeks. I had the opportunity to check out firsthand some areas that had never been visited by any outsiders, (at least this is what I was told).  This was an area with the only access from the old silk road.   About a 45 minute walk from the original Ark landing site, northwest past Uzengali, right on the Turkish/Iranian boarder is an area that would have been ideal as a post-flood settlement.

This is an amazing area from an archaeological and geological standpoint.  There are some incredible examples of vertical layering and sediment deposits, clearly illustrating how powerful the wind must have been in driving the flood waters and sediment, plus buildings constructed with larger than normal stones.  There seems to be a number of ancient foundations and walls.

The interesting aspect of the whole experience was the invitation to excavate these areas, offered by the local village elders.  In fact, this offer was even extended to any organization or university interested in spending some time in Eastern Turkey.  Yes, the locals folks have been digging around, which is quite common in remote areas, but those in charge of the area also see the benefit of a more organized investigation.  Let us know if you’re interested.

New DVD on Ark of Covenant
Many have read Confirmation, by Rebecca Tourniere.  I knew she was working on a new book, but before the book comes out, she and her husband have released a new DVD on the Ark of the Covenant.  They have utilized some interesting computer graphics, and have done a really nice job of discussing the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle service.

September tour
We have scheduled our annual tour to Turkey for September  13 – 20  We will meet in Istanbul on the 14th. You can fill out a tour registration form and mail it to us, simply go to the web site and click ASI tour, than click on the Application link.  We had an e-mail asking us if the area was closed down for tours.  I’m not sure just where this erroneous information originated, but it is not true.  Having just returned 2 weeks ago, I could see no problems in getting around to any of the areas we normally visit.  The cost is $2,000USD for the tour, and begins when we leave Istanbul headed east.  We all normally stay at the same hotel in Istanbul and the domestic flights are part of the tour, so just book your own flight to Istanbul, we take care of the rest.  Transportation in Turkey, air/ground, hotel accommodations, (double room), tour guide, food, and local guides are all included.  On your return to Istanbul a free day is provided which is your responsibility, thanks and hope to see you there.

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