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Noah's Ark: Finally Proof

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Have you questioned that old Bible story of Noah's Ark? Does it matter that almost the whole world scoffs at it? What difference would it make in your family's life if you had absolute proof of this event? 1John1:3 that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may fellowship with us: Now I declare it's true! God has set in motion the wheels of truth, to give this last generation all the proof that a reasonable person will need to decide for the truth. But will he take away every objection, NO. You must choose to believe the evidence presented and then see the need to share it with others, for your own assurance, and salvation. Go Forward! Randy Osborn, is a Christian first, studying how faith is to be a practical everyday exercise. Randy is married to Ana Osborn almost 17 years; His passion is sharing God's Archeological evidences with everyone. His work has mostly been as a finish carpenter. He has no degrees from any University's, but is always under Jesus school of practical knowledge, just as his disciples were. The US Navy taught him to not be a loner, but share always these gifts from God, to him that asks! Randy is 71 years old now and desiring to give Noah's salvation call, to all who will listen!! You can contact Randy for presentations of evidence at (

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