02/08: Mt. Sinai Presentation in Leesburg, FL

A presentation on the real Mt. Sinai will be presented in Leesburg, Florida on Sunday, February 8th, presented by Anchor Stone International board members, Dennis and Sharon McKeever.

The exact location of Mount Sinai has eluded archeologists and theologians for centuries. It is the mountain of legend chronicled in the Old Testament book of Exodus. The mountain where Moses saw the glory of the God of the Hebrews and fell to his knees in fear before a burning bush and received the stone tablets containing the Holy Law etched by the finger of God.

Tradition has placed this Holy Mountain squarely in the middle of the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula, but is that the right location or is it just a tourist trap? Come and experience the results of dangerous missions leading to the barren deserts of North West Saudi Arabia and to a mysterious blackened peak surrounded by high barbed-wire fences and patrolled by armed guards. Come and see the golden calf altar and the split rock at Rephidim. Come and see the altar where Moses offered sacrifices to God. Come and see pictures that were smuggled out at great risk which show startling evidence that the miraculous events portrayed in the Book of Exodus really happened. What you will witness is beyond description!

Bring a friend and experience the thrill of seeing biblical archaeology come alive. The stones truly are crying out!

Highland Lakes Club House (go to map)
5500 Clubhouse Dr.
Leesburg, FL 34748

Schedule:Sunday, February 8, 2 pm.  Archeological presentation on the evidence for the Real Mt. Sinai.  For more information call: 352-326-2580.

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