A response to Holy Relics, Introduction

I have been silent up to this point in responding to the opinions of not only the church hierarchy, but those in academia, who have expressed their views to what has been referred to as the Ron Wyatt discovery material. The reason for my silence is not due to the chatter from those who hold a differing opinion. Everyone is entitled to come to their own conclusions about these things, but as I consider what has been written, I can only conclude that many simply do not understand what God is doing. And because of this, things are being stated that might otherwise not be. At times personalities take center stage, and what God is accomplishing through individuals, or circumstances is lost sight of and never realized.

Our purpose for existence as Christians is to assist in bringing the World to a point of decision, just as Noah accomplished this, before the flood with the building of the Ark. I’m pretty certain Noah had his critics also. This is the power of the Holy Spirit working in us and through us. However, there are times when even well-meaning individuals are off the mark, and clearly have been prejudiced by power, money, education, or tradition, (Jer. 9:23).

This is the condition the Pharisees were in when the shepherds came with a report that the Messiah had been born. I fear that which occurred at Christ’s first coming, is being repeated near the second, (you know how prophecy has a tendency to be repeated). Almost without exception the focus of the discoveries has been totally on a single person; and not how, what, and why God choice to reveal things in a certain manner. Wyatt was like those shepherds, coming with information that was timely, but many perceived it as a threat. Many question his techniques, his training, his integrity, largely because they are looking at him rather than at what the Lord was accomplishing! What is truly taking place is not about any man, nor any organization, in fact, not even really about archaeology.

Due to the mounting discontent, which is actually accomplishing one of God’s purposes at this late hour, God has impressed me to present perhaps a greater understanding of what is occurring. Along the way, perhaps I can clarify certain issues, but I’m certain it won’t be to everyone’s satisfaction.

The parable Christ presents in Matt. 25 clearly illustrates a church divided, that of the wise and foolish virgins. In the last chapter of the book entitled Christ’s Object Lessons, the author specifically ties the parable, to the condition of Christ’s church just before He appears a second time. Apparently there will be those who are seeing through Spirit-filled glasses, and those who are not.

As I read through the Standishes’ opinions, I will respond honestly, and openly, and will at times take the authors to task, as I know not everything written is accurate. I will provide my own opinion as well, with the intention of clarity. I’m sure I will not be able to answer all the questions raised. God never removes all doubt, but I feel this kind of assault on Ron’s work should have been done long before he passed away, so he could have answered directly for himself. As I read through each chapter I will respond to what seems to be general issue raised, and so several chapters may be included in my response.

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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that the bible tells you what you need to know which is only 20%. There is so much more but God expects us to look and search for it. Thank You God for Ron Wyatt, our American King David and Moses rolled into one. Who just decides to find the evidence of the bible and just goes using their own money and savings. The pharisees and seducees (the so call educated people with degrees that support Satan way more that God) do nothing but dismiss any laymans finds no matter what. Ron did not go directly through the rock to find the Ark initially and was delayed just like Moses and the rock/water. I am saddened because my mom died last year, my bible buddy, and would have dearly loved all of this stuff God has revealed. Unforturnately lots and lots of information is coming out like it is suppose to toward the end of times. A day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. Six days and a day of rest, 6000 years and 1000 years of Christ reign. It may very well be upon us. Thanks for your website. Loved the Battle for the Firstborn. I love the precision that is Our Lords. The Creator of Heaven and Earth, where else would our fabulous Creator place the Ark but under Christ Cross so when the blood fell on the Ark on earth it would be also on the Ark in the throne room of heaven. The solomn silence in heaven followed by the thunderous cheering when Christ blood appeared on the holy seat. Thank You Lord. My bucket list is complete, the one I never knew I had. Take Care and God Bless.

    Gary Lee Godfrey


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