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    April 30, 2022 @ 11:39 am

    An onion has many similar white layers, but the only part that turns green for reproduction of life is in the deep center. Just so I can easily appreciate the comparison of the long history of Noah’s ark to the scene of the Cross. I can even appreciate the return to the study of the ‘sandbox’ Sanctuary and 2 Temples and their sacrificial systems in order to get a glimpse of an ‘onion’, but the study of that Cross/Tabernacle scene trumps all other studies since it was located at the right side of that ‘skull face’ within the ‘Mt. of seeing Yahh’ — Moriah.

    Moses spent 40 years becoming a ‘professional’ shepherd — NOT a professional king or soldier — before he was the right individual for God to choose for helping with the Exodus. So, we should not be looking for Ron Wyatt’s ‘amateur’ interests for the best reasons that God chose him to re-discover and discover things related to life/death and the ‘Salvation of the Soul’, but to Ron’s ‘professional’ life as a ‘Nurse-Anesthetist’. Ron was one chosen man, but he was also a member of one chosen ‘people’. And like ancient Israel that modern-‘Israel’ ‘people’ had been blessed by God with knowledge concerning the salvation and eternal ‘life’ of the whole world, BEFORE they fell and rebelled — like ancient Israel did many times. So, we must also look into the history of one-Ron’s one-people to learn about the events and reasons of their fall in order to best understand how Ron Wyatt, ‘Nurse-Anesthetist’ could be God’s best choice of ‘professionals’ to carry on with revealing the ‘core’ of that onion-skinned ‘Plan of Salvation’ at the very end of time . . . WITHOUT having to first return through the whole, long process of centuries of Judaism, ‘typical’ sacrifices, false ‘Christianity’, and the long history of Ron’s own fallen ‘one people’. Nope, it is possible to simply go back to where Ron’s ‘one people’ were first introduced to the life-giving ‘green’ core of the ‘onion’, but rejected it, and then see how Ron Wyatt’s ‘professional’ job as Nurse Anesthetist perfectly qualified him for investigating that supreme discovery of the Cross/Sanctuary scene connects perfectly with where God’s chosen ‘one people’ refused to move forward 134 years ago.

    General Gordon pointed out in a letter to his friend Sir John Cowell in 1883 that the Bible writers ‘go out of their way’ to record that the Christ was crucified at the ‘place of a [human] skull’, and so Gordon, himself, began superimposing human anatomy over the hills and valleys of ancient Jerusalem, beginning with a ‘head’ at Golgotha . . . and in his professional work, Ron Wyatt dealt repeatedly with the very ‘center of consciousness’ located in the human brain.

    As Ron Wyatt was dying in 1999 — discouraged by the thought that his ‘Ark’/Sanctuary scene involving mere ‘artifacts’ at the Golgotha-scene seemed impossible to ‘prove’ — neuroscientists equipped with new hi-tech scanning tools were finally studying into the ‘heart’ of the brain, and were finding the ‘center of all human behavior’ and also of ‘morals’ is located deep within the same ‘right side’ of every human brain — the ‘green’, life-reproducing ‘core’ of any multi-layered ‘onion’ — as represented by the corresponding Cross-‘Sanctuary’ scene Ron discovered at the ‘right side’ of the ‘face’ of Gordon’s ‘head’.

    And, going back in the history of Ron’s ‘one people’ of God, they really began straying wide away from God’s plan 134 years ago, just as one of their own teachers from God at that time [A.T. Jones, born in 1850 just east of where Ron was born in deep southern Ohio between Kentucky and West Virginia.] was trying repeatedly to turn their attention away from ‘the flesh’ and toward the ‘mind’ — and especially toward the ‘mind of Christ’ — in order to best understand the ‘Science of Salvation’. A ‘science’ which he described in 2 separate sermons to his (and Ron’s) church leadership in 1897 as being the ‘chief’ of all sciences, since it deals with the mind [‘brain’] itself (where both ‘sin’ and/or ‘righteousness’ are rooted).

    100 years later as Ron Wyatt was dying — probably unaware of the hidden (little-publicized until 2010) historic failures of his own ‘one people’ over a century earlier — brain scientists were in fact discovering this same ‘living temple’ at the ‘green’ life-reproductive core of human consciousness and moral/immoral behaviors that Ron unwittingly also dealt with ‘professionally’ in order to earn money to return to the right side of ‘Golgotha’ to deal with the Cross-scene that illustrates this same ‘Science of Salvation’ of the human ‘soul’, even as that scene also accomplishes that healing of soul through the ‘eye of the beholder’ . . . .

    And 17 years after Ron Wyatt, nurse-anesthetist died, a peer-reviewed scientific paper was finally published in 2016, proving the fact that anesthesia targets this same ‘heart’ or ‘soul’ of the right brain as the ‘seat’ of consciousness. ‘Consciousness’ which Ron himself lost upon first realizing that the ‘Ark’ he had searched for was closely connected to the Cross-of-Christ-scene above, outside, by a once-scarlet stream of Christ’s own blood.

    And so Ron Wyatt was the one perfect choice for all of the discoveries of which the complete Cross-Sanctuary scene illustrating the inner functions of the perfect ‘mind of Christ’, was truly the ‘capstone’. Also, the behaviors of Ron’s own arm and voice were used by the Holy Spirit from this same ‘center of all human behavior’ to introduce Ron Wyatt to his supreme, pinnacle task of probing into the right side of the ‘Place of a Skull’ face.

    But, only by probing into the core of the failure of ‘one-man’ Ron’s ‘one people’ to follow Christ, can we make such perfect sense in short-cut fashion of all the accumulating centuries of human attempts to better understand the ‘Science of Salvation’ through artifacts and ‘types’.

    Now, the question remains : Do we continue to study the many white layers of this ‘onion’, or do we take this available ‘short-cut’ to get straight to the green life-reproducing core of the ‘Science of Salvation’ first introduced to Ron’s ‘one people’ 134 years ago ?


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