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  1. susan Izdepski
    May 13, 2017 @ 12:20 pm

    I have followed Ron’s findings for nearly 20 years now..even during a time when many things were taken off the net for a season ; I figured the reason was these politically charged things with the birthright wars in the Middle East rage…let alone the Jewish agenda..I was harassed on my visit up on the Temple Mount and on the walk out the Damascus Gate over to the area behind the bus station,which is cluttered with trash and feral cats, seeming like a very indistinct place that is so close to where the ark is , it was prayer that allowed me to walk there, putting one foot in front of another it was so charged in battle. ..I remember Ron had said he was told by the messengers(angels)under the ground in the Ark chamber , that he was to set the commandments on a kind of shelf and that the actual Ark would not be seen widely until the time of antichrist was revealed or maybe it was the two witnesses and only then as a testimony of His Power and to confirm all things.But , I am just going on memory.I am grateful for your work …Shalom.


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