Mary Nell Wyatt Lee tells how she met Ron

I want our viewers to get to know me as well as Ron’s children. I was married to Ron Wyatt and worked with him until he passed away in August of 1999. Before he died, he told me what he wanted me to do after he was gone. We are attempting to do that now- to make all of his work available, even things that are not well known. We believe time is short and Ron wanted only to save souls and to strengthen people’s faith. That is our goal as well. We pray that you find our channel a blessing.

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  1. My Husband James & I appreciate the work You & those working with you have done & are doing to share a lot of interesting information & videos we have been viewing on utube! We truly appreciate the sincere diligence You All have put into relaying this information to people who want to see the historical, end time physical evidence of several Biblical events!
    Thank you very much! With Sincere Gratitude! Jeanette Cassel


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