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  1. Gregg Walker
    July 19, 2019 @ 12:16 pm

    Only part way through Joel’s response to Dr. Heiser (who I’ve never heard of), but wanted to comment.
    First, this location of the real Mt. Sinai totally confirms and proves the accounts of the Torah. Yehovah himself is the One who has woken His people up to the Torah in the past 20 years or so. He is returning the people to theTorah and will return them to the Land.
    With so many Christians refusing to even read or believe the Torah because they think it was nailed to the cross, God is revealing more and more evidence to prove it.
    This is one of many things we can see God doing in the world. While the Enemy works to destroy God’s people, Yehovah works to reestablish His Law and Return us to His Ways.

    This is to prepare a people to live in the Land under the rule of Messiah Yeshua! He knows exactly what He’s doing and while it’s amazing now, it will be GLORIOUS when it’s complete!!

    Second, I have to say about Ron Wyatt:
    I never met the man (although I would have like to) but I can’t understand how some could not like him.

    I watched videos and heard him speak on recordings. You can just tell what a humble man he was. When he breaks down (gets choked up) while describing the blood sample taken from the mercy seat and how it was analyzed, I also got choked up. The Spirit within me just confirmed how much Ron loved the Lord. He was a deep believer and you can’t fake that.

    I’ve tried to share his discoveries with other Christians but most just don’t believe he could have found them???? It boggles the mind. I guess child-like faith is needed; but tons of evidence sure helps our unbelief!

    I am forever grateful to God for using Ron to bring out so much. Thank you to everyone who has preserved and made available his work. Keep showing it and sharing it. Believers need to hear.

    YHVH bless. Gregg


  2. Stephen R Wilcox
    October 5, 2019 @ 6:28 pm

    I have followed Ron Wyatt and ASI for many years and the result has been an iron-like strengthening in God’s Word. When I speak of his work and ASI’s continuing of his discoveries to my Brothers and Sisters, their skepticism is hard to bear. I am in the low 80s in age and know I will never see firsthand all that has been accomplished, But I do not need to. My faith is solid that I will meet him in Heaven and hear his amazing life stories firsthand.. May God continue to let “the stones cry out”!


  3. Kevin Brown
    October 22, 2019 @ 8:41 pm

    I say, there is nothing like seeing with your own eyes, and touching with your own hands. So until you do. Shut your cake Cause people are running to and fro, a nbn d knowledge is being increased. Not all of it good. But God said that all hidden things will be brought to light. Not exactly in those words,but that’s the meaning.


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