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  1. José Serra
    August 5, 2022 @ 5:25 am

    Ron wyatt was right about track followed by Moses folks from G-oshe-N (lands in pi-ramesses, where G = lands, Oshe = waters, and Ni = river); in Greek is G-Ese-M(I); in Aramaic is G-Esse-M(I); in Syriac is K-esse-M(I); in egyptian is K-ese-M(i), where G/K (Ghe) is Lands, esse/ese is for waters, and M(i) is for divided, separated, split. So Gos(h)en stands for Lands in the waters of the river (Nile River; in egyptian is “Nilo”-Ni-Iloh, river of god, waters of god, tears of god “Horus” when he ran into tears as god set killed his wife.

    K-es(s)e-M(i) is the nile delta, the Hydrological basin/bowl of Nile Delta, so “es(s)e-m(i) is nile delta hydrological network..

    Then Pi-ramesses the Pi stands for water canals, mouths, gorges of water that (Ra/Re, sun rays god), Mi (divided) esse (waters) *s (at its image, sun rays, figuring a delta letter in greek alphabet).

    The sum of Pi-Ramesses (water canals of nile delta), plus Gos(h)én, the lands in Pi-Ramesses is equal:

    Per Ramesese (Per – ra-me-sse-sse) Per – ere -mi – esse – se).

    Per = house, land, territory, region

    Ere = territory

    Me(i) = divided, separated

    esse = waters

    Se = united, unified, union, together

    Now we get: Per – Ere – Me – Esse – Se, united region of divided lands and waters of the nile delta.

    As we can see there is nothing relating all this to Pharaoh Ramses II. Pi-Rameses is just the nile delta waters.

    Second: Ron Wyatt was right about Moses travel from Goshen (Tanis or Avaris) till the desert of the red sea, actually, the modern Nuweiba Beach (a sand bank at red sea branch AKABAH).

    Obs: Wrong was its option for crossing the red sea at nuweibah to Myddian (saudi arabia). BIBLE say Moses turned south along the AKABA, passed by MIGDOL/MIKTOR (separated land at the face of the mountain till the end of wilderness of the MODERN RED SEA at meeting point with SUEZ branch of modern RED SEA. Then GOD told Moses to turn back to Pi-Hairoth (a small mouth of water, kind of a bay) facing Baal Zaphon (island at Tyran Strait, between Migdol and the YAM SOF.


    this happened at Tyran Strait, where Hebrews crossed the WATERS, towards Myddian (saudi arabia).

    Mount Sinai (Sinai, double peak) is correct at ridge of Jabal AL Lawz.

    HOREB (Hor – peak in arb, sands, desert) is Jabal Maqla (single peak).


    José Serra

    2022.August.05, 10H26m, local time West Africa


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