Interview with Marv Steffens

1984 Interview with Marvin Steffins, President of International Expeditions. In the interview, Steffins discusses his recent trip to Turkey, during which he visited Mount Ararat. on The Portal to Texas History. (*note: Interview doesn’t start until around the 3:00 time stamp)

2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scroll deciphered

Archaeology in the News: Written in encrypted ancient Hebrew, one of the last unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls has finally been deciphered by a University of Haifa post-doctoral researcher. According to Dr. Eshbal Ratson, the almost impossible year-long mission was like “putting together a jigsaw puzzle — without knowing what was the picture.” Using hi-tech images … Read more

In a Jerusalem tunnel, a glimpse of an ancient war

JERUSALEM (AP) — The excavation of an ancient drainage tunnel beneath Jerusalem has yielded a sword, oil lamps, pots and coins abandoned during a war here 2,000 years ago, archaeologists said Monday, suggesting the finds were debris from a pivotal episode in the city’s history when rebels hid from Roman soldiers crushing a Jewish revolt. … Read more

Unique golden bell found in Jerusalem drain


Arutz Sheva (Israel National reports that archaeologists have “discovered a rare gold bell with a small hook at its end.” The directors of the excavation on behalf of the Antiquities Authority, archaeologists Eli Shukron and Professor Ronny Reich of Haifa University, said after the finding, “The bell looked as if it was sewn on … Read more

First Person: The Bible as a Source of Testable Hypotheses

In the highest, most sophisticated levels of professional Biblical archaeology, there is a certain prejudice against the Bible.I take as my text a passage from a new book of which (full disclosure) the Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of BAR, is a copublisher with the Israel Exploration Society. The book, written by my good friend Ronny … Read more

Is Israeli Archaeology an “Old Boys’ Club”?

In a follow-up interview in Tuesday’s Haaretz newspaper, Benjamin Kedar, outgoing chairman of the IAA Board of Directors responds to this query, and weighs in on a host of other issues impacting archaeological thinking and practice in Israel (and Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem). He describes some of the political cross-currents he has encountered during his tenure and also … Read more

New discovery found in Egypt’s Tutankhamun tomb

An Egyptian archaeological mission has discovered some 20 intact clay pots sealed with cartouche of boy pharaoh Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Upper Egypt, the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) said on Monday. Egyptian Culture Minister Farouq Hosni made the announcement on Monday, saying the discovery was unearthed by an Egyptian … Read more