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VOL.3  2006


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Jerry Bowen, the director of ASI, led a tour to Noah’s Ark this past month. What an exciting time that was. The tour couldn’t have gone any better. It seems like every time ASI has a tour to Noah’s Ark, they end up doing and going places they haven’t been before.  Be sure to read the details later in the newsletter and the exciting announcement about the next tour.  Also, be sure to read the ‘Directors Corner’ by Jerry Bowen. He continues his timely series entitled ‘The Stones are Crying Out’.

I pray that your summer is going well and that the information and materials you receive from Anchor Stone International will help prepare you and yours for the earth-shattering events that are now coming upon the world.

Dennis McKeever, Editor


The last two articles have dealt with the remains of Noah’s Ark and The destroyed cities of the plain, two stories identified very readily in the Scriptures. Their messages of Mercy and Judgment have been as well, very timely. Our article this month deals with an equally valued asset for the Christian, that of Perseverance. Over and over again the message to the seven churches of Revelation is, “to him that overcometh”. When you think of perseverance, one could hardly come up with a more fitting example than that of the Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau. For it has stood the test of time, the elements, and human intervention.


The Exodus Case
By Lennart Moller

A scientific examination of the Exodus story. In this remarkable “text book” you will follow a chain of events that has affected our culture far more than we have previously believed. You must decide for yourself if there is any reason to accept these stories as truth. To help you there are 565 color illustrations. This book is based on the discoveries made by Ronald E. Wyatt. Hard Bound 317 pages. Normally sells for $35.00

The Exodus Revealed DVD    3 hrs long
By Lennart Moller

DVD EXTRA FEATURES: Who Was The Pharaoh of Exodus? Where Are The Ten Commandments? From Egypt to Mt. Sinai. What happened to the Hebrews after they escaped the pursuing Egyptian Army? Why did it take them 40 years to arrive in the Holy Land and what really happened at the real Mt. Sinai? Cecil B. DeMille’s Exodus? Timeline from Joseph to the Birth of Jesus Christ . Normally sells for $29.95

Confrontation-The Battle Between The Ark of the Covenant and the Mark of the Beast.
by Rebecca Samsing

The book, “The Battle Between the Ark of the Covenant and the Mark of the Beast”, tells Ron Wyatt’s story of the discovery. It follows the story of the Ark of the Covenant, and looks in depth at the Jewish-Christian belief. It grasps traditional Christian thinking, and sheds light on the reason for the different religious and Christian denominations. How did this history begin? What has happened along the way? Is there a God, what does He want and what is He doing today? Depending on the reader’s background and standing, this book might shock, reveal, astonish, anger or give joy; but more then anything; it will profoundly shake most religious systems! 362 pages. Normally sells for $19.95

All three normally sell for $84.90, yours for only $50.00 plus S/H

How many of the clean animals did Noah take into the Ark?
Answer can be found at the end of the newsletter.
Tour to Noah’s Ark

June 19th thru June 27

Jerry Bowen, the director of ASI, led a tour to Noah’s Ark this past month. What an exciting time that was. The tour couldn’t have gone any better. It seems like every time ASI has a tour to Noah’s Ark, they end up doing and going places they haven’t been before.

They spent a full day in Van, and took the boat ride out to a historic church site. Of course the main focus of the trip was the Ark site and the members of the tour were overwhelmed by that experience. There was a good bit of runoff this year from the winter snows, and it caused a good bit of deterioration. Steps are being taken, at this time, to prevent this kind of damage from continuing. This is definitely an antiquity worth saving, so hopefully God will open the doors to prevent further damage. They also visited the two newly discovered anchor stones, which have no crosses on them. This brings the total to 21 that have been verified to date. They spent a whole day exploring what many call Naxuan, Noah’s first settlement. Others have explored this area in years past and numerous graves and foundations have been discovered further up the mountain from the Ark remains.

The group also got to participate in a local wedding celebration. This was an incredible look, and first hand experience, into the age-old cultural wedding ceremony of the region. The tour participants were not shy about participating in the customary line dance and they became the guests of honor.

If this information has whetted your appetite, I am happy to announce that the next tour to Noah’s Ark is planned for September 25th, 2006. That’s right. In just two months Jerry Bowen will be leading another tour to Eastern Turkey. I’ll tell you more about that and other tours later in the newsletter.

ATTENTION: Here is some more exciting news. Google Earth has made the area where Noah’s Ark is located high resolution so now you can see it up close and personal. Here are the coordinates:   39 26 30.88N, 44 14 02.28E. You can see the visitor’s center very clearly and the remains of Noah’s Ark. AWESOME!

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Bible Humor

Brandon: Grandpa, were you on Noah’s ark?
Grandpa: No.
Brandon: Then how did you survive the flood?

Words of Wisdom
“There is a philosophy which is a noble exercise of our reasonable faculties, and highly serviceable to religion, such a study of the works of God as leads us to the knowledge of God and confirms our faith in him. But there is a philosophy which is vain and deceitful, which is prejudicial to religion, and sets up the wisdom of man in competition with the wisdom of God, and while it pleases men’s fancies ruins their faith.” — Matthew Henry

A common misunderstanding about evolution and natural selection is that they are the same process; this is misleading at best. Many evolutionists confuse the issue by using these two words interchangeably. They are not the same; rather, these processes operate in opposite ways. Natural selection acts on genetic information that is already present within a population, and the information is either static or lost. And usually what evolutionists mean by evolution is “molecules-to-man” evolution. This is not the same as natural selection, as particles-to-people evolution requires a gain of new genetic information that was not previously there.

Darwin used natural selection to describe how new species came about from what he observed (remember there is a loss or rearrangement of genetic information in speciation not a net gain of new information). But this does not explain how you can turn a single-celled organism like an ameba into a human.

This is why most evolutionists have abandoned traditional Darwinist teachings-that it was natural selection alone that accounted for molecules-to-man evolution-and now adhere to a neo-Darwinist belief.  To Darwin’s credit though, he didn’t tell everyone to believe that it was natural selection alone.  In fact, he left open other possible mechanisms:

“But as my conclusions have lately been much misrepresented, and it has been stated that I attribute the modification of species exclusively to natural selection, I may be permitted to remark that in the first edition of this work, and subsequently, I placed in a most conspicuously position-namely, at the close of the Introduction-the following words: ‘I am convinced that natural selection has been the main but not the exclusive means of modification.” So said Darwin.

Many people have been caught up in believing that evolution is science, when it is in fact a religion-an anti-Christian religion. And since “molecules-to-man” evolution is origins science, it is not observable, testable or repeatable unlike operational science, which is how we get space shuttles, computers, antibiotics and mapped genomes!

Darwinism is not a theory; at best it’s a hypothesis. If it can be repeated let’s see someone do it.

The hypothesis of evolution changes frequently; if one theory is said to be fact, but then a year later is shown to be wrong, then how can it be fact in the first place? It is illogical to think that something is a fact and then not a fact. The reason the Bible never changes is because it is God’s Word and is absolute truth. A true fact is something that never changes.

The underlying issue in evolution versus creation is whether you want to believe imperfect man’s ideas about the past or believe a perfect God’s Word of the past. Should we believe men, who were not there in the past to witness what happened, or God who was there to witness what happened?  We have come to a point in earth’s history where we need to put our faith in God and His Word rather than in man and his hypotheses.

ASI Answers Questions about the Discoveries

Question: What did the Ark of the Covenant look like?

Answer:  The Ark of the Covenant is described in the twenty-fifth chapter of Exodus. It was a chest made of wood overlaid with gold. The lid of the Ark, known as the ‘Mercy Seat’, was pure gold. Attached to it and beaten out of the same piece of solid gold, were two angel-like carvings called ‘Cherubim.’ These faced each other, looking down toward the law and the mercy seat. Various ancient accounts describe the cherubim wings as being raised above or level with their heads. Yet the word translated “upward”, “on high” or “above” in Exodus 25:20 and 37:9 actually indicates that the wings were spread horizontally near their heads. One wing of each cherub is thus outstretched while the other wing of each is clasped by the side. The crown molding around the edge of the mercy seat is approximately 2 to 2½ inches high and comprises alternating bells and pomegranates. Four rings attached to the base of the Ark were for the insertion of poles in order to carry the Ark. For an eye witness view of what the Ark of the Covenant looked like, please visit our web site and select the tab labeled “Ark of Covenant” and go to newsletter ‘Ark of the Covenant – October 5, 1998.’

Trivia Answer: Seven pairs of clean and one pair of unclean. Genesis 7:2

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