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  1. Nerridah Khoory
    April 13, 2022 @ 3:57 am

    Heard this story so many times. I have most of Ron’s information on everything he’s done. I sat in my Nurse managers chair at work Ayr Qld before Noah’s ark was found. I was praying and just felt something special was about to crack open. In came the UC minister saying “Noah’s Arc has been found!”🙏 my whole world tied up in knots inside me just leapt so high. I have never stopped talking and following a buying everything Johnathan Gray wrote & listened to Rons talks over &over. Friend had Johnathan stay with her in Ayr before I met her. God drew me to her. I taught all about Ron. I was Anglican & she was SDA. She didn’t know all I knew. God is good. I was so lonely & unhappy in marriage to a culture that tried to pull me away from Christ to a moslem way! I was hurting badly. So unhappy in being controlled. After he died but regretted his past. God took me and stood me on a rock. God took me to Israel. God gave me a spiritual friend. Thankyou Ron, Nell, Johnathan. You gave me hope. I became born again.
    Nerridah Rees-Khoory.🙏


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