Mary Nell on the Ark of the Covenant

Mary Nell discusses the Ark of the Covenant and what it meant to Ron, how it affected him and his life and Ron discusses experiences connected to the discovery. The position of the Ark of the Covenant during the Day of Atonement was of special importance to Ron so graphics have been added to help make it clearer. Also, his telling about meeting Jesus in the Garden Tomb has been edited to include parts missing from the first video. Thank you all for your comments which helped me know I needed to revise this video.

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  1. Heard this story so many times. I have most of Ron’s information on everything he’s done. I sat in my Nurse managers chair at work Ayr Qld before Noah’s ark was found. I was praying and just felt something special was about to crack open. In came the UC minister saying “Noah’s Arc has been found!”🙏 my whole world tied up in knots inside me just leapt so high. I have never stopped talking and following a buying everything Johnathan Gray wrote & listened to Rons talks over &over. Friend had Johnathan stay with her in Ayr before I met her. God drew me to her. I taught all about Ron. I was Anglican & she was SDA. She didn’t know all I knew. God is good. I was so lonely & unhappy in marriage to a culture that tried to pull me away from Christ to a moslem way! I was hurting badly. So unhappy in being controlled. After he died but regretted his past. God took me and stood me on a rock. God took me to Israel. God gave me a spiritual friend. Thankyou Ron, Nell, Johnathan. You gave me hope. I became born again.
    Nerridah Rees-Khoory.🙏


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