Noah’s Ark Resistivity Scans, Part 1

In 2014, resistivity scans were done on Noah’s Ark by John Larsen of New Zealand, assisted by Randall Lee of Tennessee. This was the first real research done since the work by Ron Wyatt in the 80’s which led to it’s acceptance by Turkey as Noah’s Ark. In this part 1, Mary Nell Wyatt Lee takes the viewer on a tour of the ark as the work is in progress. It begins with the long hike down to the ark from the Visitors Center, then explores the entire ark. Mary Nell’s commentary was videoed onsite. This is especially for those who would like to see the entire ark site and understand the remains. It also shows the scans in progress and explains briefly how they work to later provide a 3d image of the entire ship. The results of the scans will be explored in Part 2.

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