Tim Mahoney interview with Mary Nell Wyatt

Movie maker Tim Mahoney, creator of “Patterns of Evidence” interviewed Mary Nell (Wyatt) Lee discussing Ron Wyatt and his Ark of the Covenant excavation, and then Ron Wyatt discusses the Scriptures that prophesy about the Ark of the Covenant and that Jesus’ Blood flowed onto the Mercy Seat.

3 thoughts on “Tim Mahoney interview with Mary Nell Wyatt”

  1. I’ve enjoyed and agree with Ron fully except on Noah’s Ark. I am 76 years old and have like Ron been researching Noah’s Ark since I was 14 years old.. through my research I have accumulated actual pictures of it on top on Mount Arat.

  2. To Don Polson: you must be looking at pictures of something else then because God hasn’t brought your discovery to light or even had it tested and acknowledged by the authorities like Ron’s discovery. There is a vast amount of evidence for the place the Turkish government has designated as Noah’s Ark.


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