Peru: Nazca Lines escape mudslides

{mosimage}(LIP-jl) — The archaeological resident from Peru’s National Institute of Culture in Nazca, Peru, Mario Olaechea Aquije, announced that various mudslides caused by heavy rain over the weekend did not affect one of Peru’s most famous landmarks, the Nazca Lines.

Olaechea Aquije indicated that his team of specialists evaluated and surveyed the area that contains the highest concentration of the mysterious lines, located between the 423 and 443 kilometer markers of the Southern Panamerican Highway in the department of Ica.

"At a glance, the mudslides and heavy rains did not appear to have caused any significant damage to the Nazca Lines," stated the archaeological expert.

Olaechea also added the most of the damage was done to the Panamerican highway itself.

"The Nazca Lines escaped this time, but the damage done to the roads should serve as a reminder to just how fragile these figures are," explained Olaechea.

He called on local authorities to set aside their bureaucratic tendencies and immediately start work on preventative projects that will redirect runoff from the hills and mountains adjacent to the famous lines.

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