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  1. Jim Pinkoski
    June 22, 2014 @ 3:51 pm

    I first met Ron Wyatt in 1989, then I spent 10 years helping Ron publish his material, and in 1994-1996 Ron appointed me the manager of his first Museum of God’s Treasures in Gatlinburg, TN — before I met Ron I had also visited Hartland and met Colin Standish, which wasn’t all that far from where Ron lived in Nashville — yet Colin NEVER invited Ron to come speak at Hartland in the 20 years between 1977-1998 — Colin NEVER spoke with Ron Wyatt, and Russell Standish only talked face-to-face for 4-hours with Ron while Ron was touring Australia in September of 1998. I had HUNDREDS of opportunities to talk with Ron and ask him questions, hear his answers, and pray about those things — Colin & Russell’s mere 4-hour talk in my opinion was NOT them spending sufficient time with Ron to really understand what was happening with Ron Wyatt’s ministry.

    Chapter 2 printed a list of 92 individual things that Ron has claimed to have found — and I spent 2 1/2 years running Ron’s Gatlinburg Museum and showing the documentation of most of these things to literally thousands of people. I told people to notice that we don’t use “fuzzy pictures” like the people who say that they’ve found Noah’s Ark on Ararat in the snow — we had over 90 large photoboards on the walls featuring 300+ photos that clearly showed the documentation of Ron’s 7 main biblical discoveries! Yes, there was ONE “fuzzy photo,” and that was of the Ark of the Covenant because GOD does not want us to see it yet! Only ONE fuzzy photo!

    The Standishes point out that they see “numerous defects and deficiencies” in Ron Wyatt’s work, and they constantly reprimand him for not being more professional — but that was what GOD wanted, He wanted to use someone “simple to confound the wise”! If Colin & Russell lived back in the early days of Ellen White, they’d probably complain that GOD had picked a young woman who was “too simple” to be the one to be given 2,000 visions…

    “…the leaders of God’s people are to guard against the danger of condemning the methods of individual workers who are led by the LORD to do a special work… God can and will use those who have not had a thorough education in the schools of men. A doubt of His power to do this is manifest unbelief;…Oh, for less of this uncalled-for, distrustful caution!” -(Ellen White, 9T259; page 22b in Jonathan Gray’s DISCOVERIES: QUESTIONS ANSWERED)

    The Standishes’ book HOLY RELICS is motivated by their zealous desire to “protect” Adventism — but their zealousness caused them to react negatively to everything Ron claimed to have found — common sense should tell everyone that there is NO WAY that Ron Wyatt can be “totally wrong” about “absolutely everything” he’s ever claimed to have found, not when I’ve sat in a museum showing the evidence and documentation of all of these things to thousands of people, and people like Dr. Lennart Moller and Tim Mahoney have written and produced their professional-quality books & films featuring and supporting Ron Wyatt’s discoveries!

    I did my best to share a positive witness to the Standishes about Ron’s discoveries, I mailed them a package of materials in March 1999 — they mentioned me 8 times in their book — and when Ron passed away on August 4th, 1999 I informed Russell that it had happened.

    I can only conclude that Colin & Russell Standish were demonically inspired to find fault with ALL of Ron’s work, and it was such a shame to see them go down this path.


  2. William S.
    August 17, 2014 @ 3:06 am

    PLEASE tell me WHO is “Colin & Russell Standish”, mentioned in the article by Jim Pinkoski.

    I’m from Nashville, TN, but now live in California, and to think, ALL THOSE YEARS I NEVER had an opportunity to meet this amazing man! And I TOO was a licensed Scuba Diver back in 1980, and would have done ANYTHING *almost!* to have gone on ONE of the trips he made together with him as an assistant, etc. Keep up the good work. We haven’t got a lot more time to be in this horrible world. Someday, it will be my pleasure to meet this man. W.D.S.


  3. Craig Cummings
    October 9, 2014 @ 1:08 am

    I must chime in here to amplify one of the points of Mr. Pinkoski. The Standishes are unwilling to place themselves in Wyatt’s place to consider what they would do if God had used them to find these discoveries. Now here you have been led to find and document seven, major, incredible evidences of Gods word along with many supporting discoveries, how do you make them public? Would you start a museum to display your evidence? Would you provide multiple sources of documentation? Would you use every scientific tool available and share the results? Would you try to spread the knowledge of these discoveries by newsletter, books, the internet, going on national television and doing personal presentations? Oh, that’s right… Ron Wyatt did ALL those things. How can these brothers say that his discoveries are unverifiable or undocumented?


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