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  1. Craig Cummings
    October 9, 2014 @ 2:24 am

    Chapter three of “Holy Relics or Revelation” implies that 1) People are worshiping Ron’s discoveries like Roman Catholics of old, 2) That those who accept Wyatt’s discoveries are placing evidence subservient to “misplaced faith” in the presenter, 3) That Wyatt is championing some “new-found” doctrine, and 4) that somehow the discoveries do not pass the test of the “law and the testimony”. There is also an implied comparison of Ron Wyatt to Desmond Ford.

    There could be a danger to number one, the discoveries are so profound that some could get caught up in them. Yet the group that discerns these as real seems much more affirmed in faith in Christ than liable to make an idol of the objects. Plus the final discovery, the Ark of the Covenent, can’t be seen to be worshiped. Faith is required to believe that part.

    Number two, you can see several of the discoveries right on google earth and others have returned to the sights and brought more images and understanding, confirming the discoveries. If you talk to people who knew Ron Wyatt, or watched him on YouTube, or understood what his life was like you would have faith in him as fully honest and connected to God. Are the Standishes actually saying we can only trust them?

    Number three, what “new-found” doctrine did Ron Wyatt ever present? I can’t discern any doctrine in his discoveries that wasn’t pre-extant in the Adventist church. In the videos I’ve seen he was so careful to give glory to Christ and upheld all the Adventist beliefs.

    Number four, these discoveries are from the law and the testimonies. If these discoveries never existed than the law and the testimonies are false. Why should we be so distrustful when the law and testimonies are proved correct? Let’s go straight to the hardest, deepest, most moving part of what Wyatt was shown. The blood of Christ on the mercy seat. The more you study about it, the more you read about it and ponder it, you realize that it had to be that way for the law and testimonies to be fulfilled.


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