Additional updates!

In our last update we mentioned a fundraising program that you could participate in simply by purchasing items through our National Companies link.  The participating retailers will send Anchor Stone a commission from items purchased.  So buy what you need, what you would normally buy, and you will be supporting something you believe in. 

And if you are a business owner or if you would like to save lots of money on, major purchases, we would be delighted to share the program with you, just e-mail us for details.  Each month we will highlight at least one aspect of how this program can be a blessing to you.

This month we would like to recommend Carrot Ink, they can help you with all your replacement ink cartridges.  To check them out simply go to  Scroll down to Carrot Ink order from their site and they will send ASI a commission check for any products you order through our link. Thanks so much for supporting our work as you’re able.
Equipment needs
In the springl of 2008 we hope to construct a 50′ x 60′ steel equipment building on property adjacent to that of the Ark site.  This will house equipment and materials for site work and an eventual excavation project.   The building will also be used for living quarters during the excavation process, being able to facilitate up to 25 individuals at one time.  The site will require a tremendous amount of continual work from year to year.  This is a great first step in moving towards the goal of excavation.  If you would like to contribute for a particular aspect of the project let us know, or make a contribution of materials or equipment, just e-mail us.

Project RE-BOARD
We have gathered lots of information concerning the project, thanks to everyone who has been brainstorming with us.  We do believe this is God’s will, to re-construct a full scale model of the ship, that will be capable of visiting seaports around the world.  What an incredible witness!  We will move forward as God makes the funds available, and do all we can to follow His leading completely.  The next step is the establishment of a separate entity for the project. Even now we have our lawyer considering the matter.  We are as well looking for some assistance with drawing up the blueprints, if you can help with this stage let us know. 

There is also a possibility that the ship will be built in the U.S.  (one of the southern states is preferable, due to climate), if anyone can offer a suggestion let us know, thanks 
Have a wonderful holiday season, God ‘s richest blessing to one and all!

Jerry Bowen, Director
Anchor Stone International

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