Ark of the Covenant Update #5: Ron in the Chamber

Approximately 6 weeks after I began to write this update in June 1999, Ron Wyatt died in a Memphis hospital from colon cancer. I had promised Ron that I would not post this update until he had a chance to review it for accuracy. To insure that accuracy, Ron allowed me to record our phone conversation as he told me the story and as I asked specific questions.

I must say now that I will not be making this tape available publicly. So please, don’t ask. The reason is that this conversation was taped during the last weeks of Ron Wyatt’s life and it is very apparent that he was in quite a bit of pain during portions of our conversation. Because of that I don’t like listening to the tape, even to this day. Therefore, out of respect for Ron, I will not be making the tape available. There are no details on the tape that are not covered in the update.

Unfortunately, before I was able to finish writing the update Ron became very sick and was never able to review what I had written. However, the audio tape testifies to the accuracy of this update; that I wrote only those things that Ron passed on to me. I have added a few minor details to the story from information that Ron has passed on publicly at various times and places but the main points of the story comes directly from our taped conversation.

Since his death, I have not known exactly how to proceed in sharing this information. I counseled with a number of people about this and finally decided that I would not share it until I was impressed that the time was right. It is for that reason that I now share with you the experience that Ron Wyatt had in the Ark of the Covenant chamber.

Over the last couple of years there have been stories circulating about an encounter that Ron Wyatt was supposed to have had with an angel. According to the stories he was given instructions about the Ark of the Covenant, when it would be revealed, and exactly how he was to proceed with his work on the discovery. I have personally had several different versions of these stories sent to me with requests that we confirm or deny them. These people go onto to insist that if they are true that we post them so that all can have access to this information. To date none of the stories that have been sent to me are complete or accurate.

After I explained the situation to Ron in June of 1999 he made the decision to have me write out the actual event as he had twice related it to me and then post it on our web site so that the inaccuracies of the other versions could be corrected. He felt that it was better to tell the story himself rather than allow different versions to circulate with none of them being completely accurate.

As you read this account of Ron’s encounter inside the chamber where the Ark of the Covenant is located, please remember that what is being related is an event that has a number of supernatural aspects to it. We understand that this may create an opportunity for some people to mock and ridicule, but we feel that this is better than allowing bad information to continue to circulate and confuse people.

When Ron originally began his excavation at the Calvary escarpment in 1979 he began at the place his hand had pointed to during his encounter with the Israeli Antiquities representative. It is important to understand that Ron was searching only for the Ark of the Covenant. Searching for and finding the crucifixion site was not in his thoughts until it became apparent from the evidence at hand that this was what they had found.

From that point they did months of digging and tunneling along the escarpment wall looking for an opening into some type of cave or tunnel. After praying about the matter Ron was impressed to break through the escarpment wall at a spot near the crucifixion site and thus enter the tunnel system that honeycombs that portion of Mt. Moriah. When he did this he found himself in a series of tunnels that it took many months to explore. During that process he finally found his way into the chamber where the Ark of the Covenant was hidden.

When Ron first entered the chamber it contained a number of items including some of the furnishings from the first temple which were covered with animal skins, wood and then stones stacked on top of them to about 18 inches from the ceiling. For this reason the only way he could move around within the chamber was to crawl on either his back or his stomach. At the far end of the chamber was a stone case with a broken lid whose top was only a few inches from the ceiling. This prevented him from seeing the Ark on his first visit to the chamber but it helped him notice the crack in the ceiling and the brown substance (the blood) which was directly above the stone case. He assumed and later confirmed that this stone case contained the Ark.

On his later visits to the chamber he tried with several different types of still and video cameras to get a clear picture of the Ark. But each time the pictures came out either “whited out” or blurred beyond use. This was a source of great frustration and embarrassment for Ron; to not be able to produce one clear picture of this wonderful discovery. On his fourth visit into the chamber he took with him an 8mm video camera and tripod, determined to finally get a clear shot of the Ark.

As he entered through the same opening he had always used to access the chamber, he immediately recognized that something was very different. The rocks that were always there inhibiting his path were no longer in place. In fact he was able to enter the chamber and drop all the way to the floor. At this point a light came on in the chamber, the source of which he cannot fully explain. Ron then saw that the chamber had been completely cleared of all the rocks and debris, a task Ron had known would need to be done but which would take a long time to accomplish. But now the job was already completed! The chamber was completely clean with no sign of the any of the debris and the Ark of the Covenant was out of the stone case.

As you can imagine Ron was stunned by what he saw. The Ark had been placed against the eastern wall of the chamber directly underneath the crack in the ceiling where Christ’s blood had flowed onto the Mercy Seat. The other temple furnishings were set in their proper place relative to the Ark. The rest of the items were set off to one side.

Although he cannot explain how, the wall directly behind the Ark had the appearance of crystal and was glowing with the color pattern of a rainbow. It appeared to Ron that the rest of this crystalline wall was the source of the light which was illuminating the chamber. As he was taking in the sight he suddenly realized that he was not alone in the chamber. Ron stated that he could “feel in his body that he was in the presence of angels”.

He saw that there were four young men in the chamber with him. They did not look like angels but appeared as young men dressed in normal “street clothing”. But Ron knew that they were angels. He stood there frozen for a few moments unable to move or even speak. He wanted to ask them what they were doing in there but he was not able to do so.

Then one of the angels stepped forward (this is the only one of the four that would speak to him) and told Ron that they were the ones whose job it was to guard the Ark of the Covenant. They had done this since Moses had first placed the tables of stone in it. He told him that God wanted people to see all of these things at a particular point in time. He then instructed Ron to set up his tripod and video camera in a certain place and turn it on.

Once Ron had done this the four angels went over to the Ark, lifted off the Mercy Seat and placed it beside the Ark. The angel that had spoken to him beckoned him forward and told him to take out the tables of stone. Ron leaned over and picked up the ten commandment stones. He then backed away a few steps and the angels placed the Mercy Seat back on the Ark. After a few awkward moments the angel reached out and took the tables of stone from Ron, walked over to a niche in the chamber wall that looked like a shelf and placed them on it. This “shelf” was close to the original entrance that was used by those that had hidden the Ark there over 2500 years ago.

He then walked back over to Ron and told him two things. The first was that if Ron remained faithful, he would have a part in bringing out the tables of stone so that they might be put on display. The second was that the Ark was not to be revealed to the world or the tables of stone put on display until shortly after a law was passed that would attempt to enforce the mark of the beast upon people.

After that encounter Ron gathered up his camera equipment and left the chamber through the original entrance. By following this tunnel he was able to find his way out of the cave system and back onto the street. He immediately rushed to his hotel room where he played back the tape of the event. He had to see if the Ark, the angels and the tables of stone showed up clearly on the video. To his amazement everything showed up clearly. He was very excited. But suddenly his excitement turned to dread. He realized what he had in his hands, yet the angel had told him that these things were not to be revealed until the mark of the beast law was passed. What was he to do with this tape? It was undoubtedly the most important video ever recorded. Where would he put it? How would he keep it safe!?

Having no clear answer to these concerns, he finally decided that the best way to proceed was to go back to the chamber and ask the angel what he should do. He went back into the chamber and the four angels were there. The angel that spoke to him earlier stepped forward and asked him what he wanted. Ron told him that he did not have a safe place to keep the tape. Then the angel reached out and took the tape from Ron’s hand. He walked over to the place where the tables of stone were still sitting on the niche in the chamber wall and placed the video tape on top of them. To the best of Ron’s knowledge that is where everything remains to this day.

While this was the extent of what the angel told him, Ron said that he came away from this experience knowing more than he had been told in words. He was strongly impressed that while the video he recorded in the chamber would be shared with the world and that the tables of stone on which God Himself had written His Law would be put on display, the Ark of the Covenant would remain in the chamber where it is.

It is on the basis of this information, plus his agreement with the Israeli authorities, that he acted as he did in withholding certain information about the Ark and its location.

Ron also stated that as far as he knows no one else has been in the chamber except himself. However, because he is not always there, it is possible that someone else has or could enter the chamber and see the Ark IF the angels guarding it would allow it. Otherwise, the way the tunnel system is in that area, no one would be able to find their way.

On this last point I need to share an experience. I visited the entrance into the tunnel system recently and found a number of men furiously digging in an area where they thought the entrance into the tunnel system was. I went over to them and explained that not only were they digging in the wrong place, they were digging in an area that had caved in a number of times and that Ron had back filled to keep people out. Amazingly they told me that they had just recently prayed that God would send someone to tell them if they were doing the right thing or not. Because I showed up shortly after their prayer they took my counsel and stopped digging.

The point of my story is this. There are a number of people that think they know where the entrance into the tunnel system is. They are mistaken. The entrance does not require any digging or tunneling to get into today. Because of the sensitive nature of this information I cannot reveal where that location is but I can tell you that it is both dangerous and illegal to dig where these gentlemen were digging. They are fortunate that there was no accident or that they were not seen by the local authorities.

My appeal to everyone is that we allow God to do things on His timetable and not feel that we have a mandate to inject ourselves into the event. This is exactly what those six Jewish men who died in that tunnel were doing. I would hate to see a repeat of that.

God will deal with His things in His own time and in His own way. No one will miss this event. The time will come when all will be able to see the Ark, the blood and the tables of stone.

“And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance PATIENCE……” 2 Peter 1:5,6

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  1. Th an is great! Ron must be very special to him to let him see n touch. May be rest in heaven with YhWh. God blessed his work. Hope it revealed soon. Would like to see if myself,when God allow us.

  2. Dear Friends, of Ron Wyatt,I have a photo of Ron, when he was giving a talk to the media ; there are two photo graphs of Ron and both of them show the head face of Christ!!!, but the clearest one is where Ron,
    Is pointing his index finger!! AT THE END OF RONS FINGER IS THE FACE HEAD OF OUR SAVIOUR!!! JESUS CHRIST.I HAVE SHOWN THE PICTURES TOO MY FRIENDS AND NABOURS,!!!, but they say they cannot see see the image JESUS Christ !!! With the CROWN OF THORNS!!! ( BUT I CAN)!!!!. AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN!!!.

  3. I have been in ministry for nearly 30 years. During the past few years I researched and was aware of this documentary story, and due to Ron’s candid personality and faith I believe every bit of this story. I am still intrigued and in pursuit of all these things being revealed for such a time like this. And, can’t wait with great anticipation God’s timing in all this.

    Don’t know if we will ever be able to see them in my lifetime but how much would I give to be part of something so revealing and holy.

    Jesus, bless your Holy Name.


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