January 2008 Update

Well. the first month of the new year is almost history, time is flying by!  This new season for ASI will be an exciting one.  There are numerous possibilities at the Discovery sites, especially in Eastern Turkey. Not wanting to risk costly weather delays in December, we opted to put off the updated scans of the formation until the spring.  There will also be several new displays at the visitors center this year.

In this update

  • Director’s corner
  • Plans for the Durupinar site in Eastern Turkey
  • Project RE-BOARD
  • 2008 Tour to Noah’s Ark
  • Online orders 
  • Spanish web site

Director’s Corner
The updated scans will be performed by a licensed independent company.  In light of past criticism and concern, this is a necessary step for independent validation of the site.  The analysis of the data will be published on the web site later this year.  The previous scans are over 20 years old.  With much improved equipment and technology, we should be able to acquire a more definitive picture of what lies just beneath the surface.

Hopefully this will allow local officials and professionals to investigate further with the eventual excavation of the site as the ultimate goal.  We at ASI hope to facilitate that process later this year.

God of course is in complete control as to the when, and even the how, but we will press on to accomplish what is necessary to help confront the world with these truths.

A very grateful thank you to all who have contributed towards this goal, this is a team effort.  God gets the credit for all the work and accomplishments, though, after all it is really His work and He will see it through. God bless!
Project Re-Board
Another amazing, and related project is Project Re-Board.  I know this is way off the chart, but that is what will make it a reality.  There are 3 primary organizations that have lined up behind this project.  They will be working in harmony as God directs to re-construct a full scale model of the Ark.  This will be moved from port to port, not only illustrating the size of the Ark, but telling the whole story of the reason for its original construction, and the reasons that brought about the great flood. We believe this will be a very effective witnessing tool.
2008 Tour to Noah’s Ark
Our next tour to the remains of the Ark will be May 28- June 5    The tentative schedule looks like this: The group will meet in Istanbul on the 29th of May, travel to Van on the 30th and on to Dogubayazit that evening.  The 31st will be the first day at the site.   The remains of the ship are the main focus of the trip, however we will also visit, the Island church of Acktimar on lake Van, Noah’s post flood homestead, check out several anchor stones nearby, and see many other sites in the area.  The tour will start when the group meets in Istanbul, each person will be responsible for their International flights, and their free time in Istanbul.  The tour will cover hotel cost in Istanbul, and Dogubayazit, flights within Turkey, all ground transportation, food, tour guide, and fees for tourist sites.  The cost is 2,195.00 per person.  
Online orders
Last month ASI became part of a nationwide company that will pay commission for things purchased online.  With more and more folks shopping on the Web, it is a great opportunity to generate revenue for projects.  To allow ASI to receive a commission on things purchased, simply go to https://www.bign.com/jerrybowen, click on the BigN marketplace link,  shop online at nearly 100 retail store you are already using. When you make a purchase through one of these stores, BigN will send ASI a commission on those purchases. When you need printer refill cartridges, let me suggest Carrot Ink, they have great prices and free shipping. Thanks for your help!  
Spanish web site
For those who have friends or relatives who speak Spanish, you can now direct them to our Spanish site.  https://www.anchorstone.com/espanol/

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