Drone Journey to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Travel from the Red Sea to the TRUE mountain of God- Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, discovered by Ron Wyatt. This is a breathtaking journey, accompanied by the magnificent music of Kirk and Deby Dearman ( http/www.cometothequiet.com ) who graciously gave us permission to use their music. A “ronwyatt.com” exclusive!

How The Pyramids Were Built | Shabbat Night Live

Space aliens did not build the pyramids! And it may not have been the Egyptians’ idea, either. Could it be that the most revered architecture in human history came from the mind of a Hebrew slave? Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee presents a biblical foundation for these legendary structures.

The Face of Moses | Shabbat Night Live

Egyptology is not what it seems. Overlapping timelines, body doubles, and nameless statues have caused mass confusion. But this week, Mary Nell Wyatt-Lee helps to unravel the mystery to reveal the face of Moses in the midst of the Pharaohs.

Archaeological Finding- Noah’s ark

It was a great honor and pleasure for Kingdom for Jesus to interview Mary Nell (Ron Wyatt’s widow), Randall, and Andrew. God used Ron Wyatt to reveal many archaeological discoveries of the bible. After the passing of Ron, they have continued on the journey of showing the whole world that the bible is true and … Read more