Ark of the Covenant by Ron Wyatt

The Ark of the Covenant was discovered by Mr. Ronald Eldon “Ron” Wyatt in Jerusalem on January 6, 1982 at 2 PM. In this video you will witness the amazing journey of the Ark of the Covenant and what really happen in Jerusalem over 2000 years ago when the Messiah (Christ) Yahushua of Nazareth aka … Read more

Mary Nell on Ron Wyatt and the Ark of the Covenant

This video was originally posted and needed some revisions. If you viewed the original, PLEASE view this one as many needful changes and additions have been made. Mary Nell discusses the Ark of the Covenant and what it meant to Ron, how it affected him and his life and Ron discusses experiences connected to the … Read more

The Unseen Battle-Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt experienced constant rejection by the scientific and scholarly world regarding the discoveries. He understood why and he knew it would not change or get any easier. That is why he took the evidences to the people. He believed the evidences were so straight forward that honest hearted people could recognize facts and truth. … Read more