September 2007 Update

Director’s Corner

It was thrilling to witness the excitement with those on the Sept. tour.  The 10 participants demonstrated once again the differing motivations for the visit to Nuh’un Gemisi (Noah’s big boat).  The folks that come generally fall into one of three categories

The first is simply that of curiosity, they wonder if these things really exist.  If so, they must see them for themselves, they are not willing to take anyone’s word for it, and pictures can be modified, thus the trip to check out the evidence. 
The second classification involves a more deep seated attitude, that of a pilgrimage, a coming back to the deepest roots that exist.  This is where it all began for us, the post-flood beginning. Folks replay in their minds the incredible events connected with the story, almost transporting themselves to the time and place.  It is an emotional and soul searching experience, plus as one participant commented, "Faced with such an avalanche of officially sanctioned error, (evolution and uniformatarianism), it would seem to me that Christians should be hungry to have knowledge that would give them confidence that the scriptural record is accurate". 
The third group have been impressed to come, to gain greater insight into what God is doing, it is truly a research trip.  They are there to learn more of the particulars and how to promote what they already believe.  It is a transformation from believer to knower, an experience   demonstrated  by many that God used in Scripture.  There are many who believe, they weigh the pro’s and con’s of the evidence and make a decision.  If God inspires them to promote the material, they must become a knower.  To become a knower, God confirms knowledge, through wisdom, that moves passed the obvious, and what is discovered is a real gem of truth. 

For example : The story of Noah and the Ark is an illustration, and symbol of Salvation, though only 8 souls physically boarded the craft, millions will be inspired and ultimately saved as a result of their efforts.  As one considers the process employed in the ship’s preservation, the knowing begins to take root.  The ship made landfall approximately 1 1/4 miles further up the mountain. The higher elevation illustrates an amazing truth.  At some point in time an erupting volcano, dislodged the ship from its location and swept it down the hill.  It was perhaps a pyroclastic flow that broke it loose, mud, silt, or even lava than assisted in its decent.  The journey down took many twists and turns, but finally it became impaled on an outcropping of limestone.  It was then covered ultimately by the pursuing landslide.  Eventually covered and buried out of sight, it would be called into service once again at a later time, through seismic activity.  So, consider closely what I have just mentioned!

The Ark landed at an exalted elevation, it was washed down the mountain by muck and lava, it was impaled in the side, buried, then came forth after an earthquake.  What have I just described?  Our Lord would one day leave the Glory of heaven, from His exalted position He would step down to our world, the muck of sin would be the cause of His descent.  He would live a righteous life, and through a series of twists and turns He would hang from a cross for our sin.  He would be pierced in the side, buried, and come forth after an earthquake. 

There are many who will consider the evidence and believe, but there will also be some who will look past the obvious, and see greater insight concerning the story, a symbol of Salvation, a revelation of the role that God would play in the saving of His people.  How amazing that God would choose to remind us just now, prior to His second judgment.   That I may Know Him, should be our only plea!

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