Noah’s Ark Museum Center Update

Last year we began our work on the Noah’s Ark Museum Center located in the National Park visitors building at the Noah’s Ark site. We painted, we washed, installed carpet and drapes, repaired the roof…. doing everything we could to make the center ready for tourists. But because of the war in Iraq and the looming problem of terrorism, few visitors came. But this year it is different!

In the 5 days I have been at the center (June 10 – 14) we have averaged about 30 visitors a day and the tourist season for eastern Turkey appears to be on the verge of a boom.

The local military governor has visited the center twice bringing his family on the second occasion. Many of the soldiers that work near the border visit during the week viewing the displays and reading literature about the site. The local hotels and tour agencies in the cities around the site are sending people to the site every day.

The manager of the center, Zafer Onay, worked with Anchor Stone for the last 4 years and did a wonderful job during the winter getting the center ready for the new season. We now have artifacts such as petrified wood, samples of the pitch Noah was told to cover the ark with and fossilized coral found on and around the site. In the next few weeks we will have a video display set up. Visitors can pick from a number of souvenirs including T-shirts, picture postcards and videos about Ron Wyatt’s discovery of the ark site.

We still have much work to do on the center and there is a continuing need for funds to continue the repair work. We believe that as the word spreads about the new center more and more people will visit and that by the end of this season the center will be self-supporting.

If you would like to help us continue our witness in this part of the world please consider making a donation to our museum fund by contacting us, or using the Donate button in the upper right sidebar.

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